Installing Survarium 0.62c Tomorrow

Starting at 08.00 AM GMT tomorrow, March 25, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.62c. The expected downtime is about 2 hours. We will let you know as soon as the servers are back online, so you are able play the game. We will also provide compensation for the recent issues with game servers.

Read the complete list of changes in the update below.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.62c

General Changes

  • Protection zones for player bases: opponents in these zones no longer receive damage, but are displayed on the mini-map. Protection against detection by sensors doesn't work inside these zones.
  • Computer controlled characters (bots) now react to flashbang grenade.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Introduced new "Admin" decal for game administrators.
  • Introduced new "Like" decal. Participate in contests on Survarium pages on social networks to win the decal!
  • "For Victory" Medal decal now provides +9% to experience.
  • Terrifying hockey mask decal now provides +13% to experience.


  • Another part of the game locations received the following changes: fixed Z-fighting on several objects, reworked collisions where characters could be stuck, fixed LODs of some objects.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed localization of "Installed modules" string on post match statistics screen in several languages.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect modifier icons to be displayed on modules.

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