Invite Friends to Survarium and Get Bonuses!

Today we are launching "Invite a friend" – invite your friends into Survarium and get bonuses for both of you!

Inviting friends gets you the following benefits:

  • Upon registration via your invite each friend gets a week of Premium-subscription for free!
  • You will get 5% bonus of the sum of purchases of all your friends in Survarium shop. The bonus is awarded in game gold.
  • Playing in a squad with your friends all of you will receive +25% to experience and reputation with chosen factions.

Send invites to your friends via this page in your profile. You can send invites via email or put them on your pages in social networks – Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte. You will also see a list of all invited friends in your profile and bonuses awarded for friends' purchases. Invite your friends and build the toughest squad in Survarium!

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