"Knowledge of the Forest" Preview

We continue to inform you about the features of upcoming Survarium 0.30 update. Today we will provide details about the skills to be added into the game soon. In update 0.30 “Knowledge of the Forest” skill tree will be added. Unlocking these skills will allow you to get more benefit from artifacts and anomalies. Moreover, these skills will also be useful to protect against anomalies. Let’s explain the skill tree in detail.

Survarium anomalous skill tree abilities, tier one

At the first tier two skills are available: "Concentration" and "Resistance". The first one accelerates the process of anomaly destruction, so you get artifacts faster. The second skill increases protection against anomalous damage.

Survarium anomalous skill tree abilities, tier two

At the second tier three skills are available. The most important is "Using Artifacts". Passive artifact’s effects will work as before. But to activate an artifact you have to unlock this skill.

"Forest Protection" increases resistance to gunshot and shrapnel while the character is inside an anomaly. "Artifacts Power” increases passive effects of the artifacts that are in your container.

Survarium anomalous skill tree abilities, tier three

The skills at the third tier are "Knowledge of Artifacts", "Adaptation" and "Mercy of the Forest." The first one increases the duration of the active artifact’s effect, be it the protective bonus of Onyx or poisonous spores of Sponge. "Knowledge of Artifacts" becomes available only when you’ve already learned “Using Artifacts”.

"Adaptation" gradually increases your character’s resistance to anomalous damage while he’s in an anomaly, up to absolute immunity. Bonus resilience from "Adaptation" skill completely dispels in one second after exiting the anomaly. Finally, "Mercy of the Forest” will not allow your character’s health to drop below a certain threshold while inside an anomaly. Keep in mind that anomaly continues to inflict damage, so you won’t be able to restore health with a Medkit while in an anomaly.

Survarium anomalous skill tree abilities, tier four

At the fourth tier three skills are available. "Neutralization" significantly increases protection against anomalies if you have an artifact of the same type as the anomaly. "Artifact Energy" enhances the active effect of artifacts and can be unlocked only after "Using Artifacts" skill.

"Anomalous Contact" works this way: when you enter an anomaly, the character gains passive bonus of the anomaly’s artifact. Basically, you get the bonus of the artifact without having to pick it up. The bonus is applied only while the character is inside the anomaly. The strength of this skill can be increased by unlocking "Artifacts Power".

Survarium anomalous skill tree abilities, tier five

There are two skills at the fifth tier, but you can unlock only one of them. “Artifact Container” transforms a basic slot for supplies into a slot for artifacts. Thus, you can pick up artifacts even if you don’t have a slot for them. Or you just get an additional slot for artifacts.

"Forest Sense" works like radar detecting anomalies and artifacts. This skill gives you the ability to see anomalies and opponents with artifacts on the mini-map. However, "Forest Sense" only works in a certain range around the character.

Please note that these skills may still change. The mechanism of individual skills and their location on the skill tree can be altered while we test the game on the Public Test Server. After you install update 0.30 all the unlocked skills of your character will be reset for free. You will get the skill points back and can redistribute them.

You will be able to check all the changes and new features of Survarium 0.30 on the Public Test Server soon. Stay tuned!

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