"Laboratory Arsenal" Event in Survarium!

Participate in the special in-game event dedicated to the Vector Laboratory!

From September 21st to September 30th you can complete missions in the game and receive special event currency: symbols of the Forest, "Spring" symbols and "Vector" symbols.

Collect enough sof these and exchange them for weapons with unique camouflage! You will receive a unique "Vector" helmet for the first of your victories during the event.

The helmet provides a bonus to event currency gain. Premium accounts also provide a bonus. You can exchange the currency for the "Vector" decal, М4А1 "Hi-Tech" assault rifle (tier 2) and vz. 58P "Laboratory" assault rifle (tier 3).

In addition to the unique camouflage, the weapons have 3 random modifiers already in place and unlocked. Participate in the festive event and get unique prizes! Good luck!

Survarium: Laboratory Arsenal Event. Assault rifle М4А1 «Hi-Tech»

Survarium: Laboratory Arsenal Event. Assault rifle VZ. 58P «Laboratory»

Also read about changes and new features in Survarium Update 0.47e which is live now!

See you in the game!

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