Lasertag tournament - Survarium: Clean Air

Over the 12th and 13th of October in Svitlovodsk (Ukraine) a military-themed laser tag game "Survarium: Clean Air" Took place. The event attracted more than 100 participants from different countries. Vostok Games decided not to limit themselves to being just the organisers and sent some of our employees to the battlefield.

Participants had a chance to not only shoot military weapons, but also a ride the ground equipment. All the players were divided into two groups: “Renaissance Army" and "Black Market". The main purpose was to protect the army scientist who has developed a special chemical for "Black Market", purifying the air of harmful toxins. The task of the fighters of the "Black Market" was the opposite – to take over their base and neutralize the opposing forces.

After much fierce fighting the "Renaissance Army" repelled all enemy attacks base and managed to win the game. Check out our short photo report below and to see all the photos, just go here.

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