Mission Status: 2 Years and Counting!

Here at Vostok Games we like to not only look to the future but also remember past. For the last two years we have been deeply involved in our mission of creating a truly unique and special gaming experience. April 12th is a traditional holiday, Cosmonautics Day, a truly inspirational time of year when we can look back at all the amazing achievements made in space exploration. As previously mentioned, two years has gone by since we began development of Survarium and as with space exploration, we have learnt many new things, tested new ideas and technologies. It has been a really exciting time! So, in celebration of Cosmonaut’s Day and our 2 year anniversary, we’ll be sending out 2000 Survarium Beta keys. Be sure to keep an eye on your email as you could be one of the lucky ones! Before signing off we just want to once again thank each and every one of you for the faith, support and encouragement over the last two years. It means a lot to us! Thank you Survivors!

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