New in Survarium: Random Battle and Ranking Match

Hi everybody! After the release of Update 0.44 we have planned a few hefty changes to the game that we would like to share with you today.

The first change is about splitting all the battles into two variations, Random and Ranking. Now you will be able to choose whether to play a standard match or a ranking based one (League). Let's take a close look at each of the scenarios.

In the Random Battle mode:

  • Both individual players and squads will be allowed;
  • Any equipment tier is allowed;
  • Battles are always 8 vs 8;
  • Expansion of gear tiers during matchmaking is prohibited: if you are wearing a tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match only;
  • Instead of expanding the tiers during matchmaking the number of bots added will increase, but no more than half of the team;
  • The player ranking in Random Battles is calculated individually based on ELO formula;
  • The teams are balanced based on the player ranking, bots are added in equal numbers into both teams;
  • As always, when searching for a game you can disable two of the four game modes;
  • The results of the battle do not affect your progress in the Leagues;
  • Based on the battle results you receive experience, silver, reputation with your faction and trophies (when victorious).

In the Ranking Match mode (Leagues):

  • Only game characters of level 4 and above will be allowed;
  • Only solo players will be allowed, no squads admitted*;
  • Battles are always 8 vs 8 players;
  • Expansion of the equipment tiers is prohibited: if you are wearing tier-6 gear, the game will match-make you into a 6-level match;
  • Match making is based only on the gear tiers 4, 6, 8 and 10. If you equip tier-5 gear you will be matched into a 6th level match, if 7th – level 8, if the 9th – level 10 respectively;
  • As always, the Leagues require a certain gear level for you to progress;
  • The position of the player in ranking matches does not depend on that as in the Random Battles and is calculated individually based on the ELO formula;
  • The teams are balanced as equal (in terms of summarized ranking of the players) as possible; the match-making continues until such balance is ensured;
  • Choosing game modes is disabled;
  • The battle result impacts your progress in the Leagues as follows (players are sorted based on the number of points gained in the match):

    In the winning team:
    - The top 4 players receive 1 star
    - The 5th player receives 0.75 star
    - The 6th player receives 0.5 star
    - The 7th player receives 0.25 star
    - The 8th player receives no stars

    In the losing team:
    - The 5-8th players lose 1 star
    - The 4th player loses 0.75 star
    - The 3rd player loses 0.5 star
    - The 2nd player loses 0.25 star
    - The top player loses nothing

Other Changes

To complete the integration of all the features mentioned above we need some more time, therefore we decided to extend the current Leagues Season by one week and to open the new Season on October 7th. It will become a bit shorter and hugely experimental, but we hope you will like the new rules.

In addition, we're planning slight changes to the Team Deathmatch mode. Now each kill will give you not 10, but 15 points. However, each death will have 5 points deducted from your score.

The launch of the game update featuring the changes mentioned is planned for October 7th.

*To support the clans and squad play we plan to introduce a "Team vs Team" play mode in one of the future updates. There you will be able to gather your team and invite another team to battle against yours (5 vs 5 players minimum).

We are curious to hear your feedback on the new features mentioned! You are welcome to join our discussion on forum.