New weapon FOV on the PTS!

Around 6 PM GMT today, on February the 6th, we will update the PTS version of Survarium to include weapons with new FOV and technical improvements! Read more in the whole version of the news. Also read the previous changes in Survarium 0.45c0 on the PTS.

The Complete List of Changes in PTS 0.45c1


  • The players get points basing on the distance they carried the artifact, and additional points for delivering the artifact to the base. Thus you will get maximum points if you deliver the artifact all by yourself. If several players worked together to deliver the artifact, each of them gets corresponding amount of points.

Visuals and Animation

  • Changed field of view (FOV) for all weapons.

Technical Changes

  • High delay should no longer cause fps drops.
  • Also fixed situations when a character could die and resurrect (or his HP changed) during a shootout.

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