New Year Survarium Diary

Greetings, Survivors!

On the New Year’s Eve it is a tradition to look back on all the good things that happened in the past year and make a wish for the next one.

2017 was a good one for Survarium. We continued to actively develop the game and made several important steps (sometimes even exceeding our initial plans). We rebalanced equipment from 10 into 5 tiers, changed the shooting mechanics, made an array of technical improvements for the Survarium network code and behavior of the AI characters.

In the update 0.47 we released a new tutorial mission, following which in Survarium 0.50 we launched the first PvE map with a story mission. The new Slaughter PvP mode with dynamic battles gained popularity among many players. We also changed the ranked matches system: now you can accumulate special currency from season to season and exchange it for unique equipment. This made ranked matches more attractive for both veterans and the newcomers. Special supplies got their own animations which have made gameplay more tactical and transparent to other players in match.

A number of other changes have to do with the gear. We divided all the equipment into three classes: light, medium and heavy, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. On top of that, sets were introduced into the game: a full set of equipment provides additional bonuses to the character. New map variations as well as many new items and weapons, and, of course, the new weapon modules system increased the unpredictability factor in a match, made Survarium gameplay more diverse and tactical. On the other hand, this added a whole new layer of possibilities for the player progression in the game.

A lot of effort has been paid into improving the new renderer as we implemented the distortion phase and fixed multiple issues (objects and decals flickering, no decals on characters, laser sight disappearance in smoke and more). Another bunch of features have been completed, but are yet to be released: fully-functional shadows, translucency support, all the lighting unified (sun, skydome, light sources), diffuse probes, modern BRDF (thanks to which metals got colored glare).

The most important thing that keeps driving us forward, however, is your strong support. We can feel it, and that very belief makes us optimistically look into the future!

There is a lot of work ahead, and we have even more things planned for the future. We’d like to finish the long ongoing work on the new graphics renderer, add more PvE content into the game, surprise you with new themed events in the game more often, continue developing the character skill system. Finally, there’s a long list of other elements which we wanted to change and improve for a very long time, but there’s never been enough time or resources to accomplish it thus far.

We are hoping for your continued support and active participation in discussions about everything Survarium-related. Because we make the game together with you!

We wish you health, joy, peace, true friends and good luck in the New Year!

Happy holidays and see you on the battlefields of Survarium!

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