Open Day & Lottery Update

Good day Survivors, today we bring you two pieces of news. First a review of the recent "Doors Open Day" test and then the Closed-Beta Lottery, so let’s begin; Doors Open Day, from our perspective was a challenging day indeed. Dealing with 10 times the number of players on our servers and trying to make the game as stable as possible while new players logged on all the time. We’re happy to report that aside from a few minor hiccups we’ve had extremely positive feedback from our community, invaluable feedback that will help us progress forward and make the game even better! More than 100,000 people logged onto the game’s website and the number of concurrent players online reaching 5000! We want to thank everyone for taking part as it was an important day for us and Survarium.

Now on to the Closed-Beta Invites Lottery. For a few months now we have had the lottery automatically selecting a new user every 20 minutes and a key to the access the Closed-Beta was sent to their email. However, now, we have some good news for all of those who have been waiting for months to get their hands on the game. We’ve decided to speed the lottery up 20 times! That essentially means that every minute a new user is selected and a new key sent out. So, keep an eye on your email as you may be lucky enough to receive an invite. We hope to see you all venturing into the anomalies soon!

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