Open Letter to the Community

Survarium eye

Hi everyone!

In August certain changes occurred within our company that influenced the process of developing Survarium, as well as the approach to release of updates. The development team has always had two objectives which largely contradict each other. One of them is to reduce the time between the updates, the second is to add new features to the game. We try to make each update interesting by bringing something new to Survarium.

Unfortunately, many elements of the game require a lot more time to develop than we actually have within the production cycle of one single update. This leads to the fact that due to regular updates, the developers are constantly switching from long-term tasks to current short-term work on the patches. This, in turn, leads to delays in production.

The issues of stability and performance are still relevant. The complexity of the project is growing with each update, and with it grows the probability of breaking something when we make a major change to the game. We wish we had more time to test global changes in the game. However, this is impossible while we release updates every 1-1.5 months.

After weighing up the pros and cons we came to the following decision: all major changes to the game will be included in big updates, which we plan to release every 3-4 months. The next such update will be version 0.40. At the end of September we will be filming a new video diary, in which we’ll shed more light on the planned changes and ideas. For those impatient we’ll lift the curtain: expect changes in the economy of the game, modification of weapons and improved performance on low-end PCs and laptops.

In the smaller updates (0.31, 0.32 and so on) more attention will be paid to the technical problems and game balance. It is important for us to be able to release these updates more often without waiting for the major "features" that were announced earlier to be ready. The preview of the next smaller update (0.31), will be available on the website within a week.

We will continue to fix the most critical bugs with hotfixes (labeled a,b,c and so on), but we hope these won’t be required as much as in the past.

Survarium Development Team.

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