Participate in the New Survarium Leagues Season!

New Survarium Leagues Season has started and will continue until February 28th! Take part in the ranking battles to earn maximum of tokens and obtain unique weapons and gear, including the new exclusive tier 5 Delta set.

To participate in the ranking battles tier 2 equipment is required as minimum. The match making is going in two groups. Group 1: 2nd and 3rd equipment tiers and group 2: 4th and 5th equipment tiers. For example, when entering a ranked combat with the 4th tier of equipment on your character, you will enter a match where the players with 4th and 5th equipment tier will be present.

Just as in the previous season, you can reach rank #1 with the 3rd equipment tier. Also in the ranking matches the Slaughter play mode and the Mamaev Kurgan location are disabled.

When losing a match and ranking stars your rank could be lowered, however no less than the 5th. Note: you could slide down from rank #1.

If the ranking match search has been disabled for you – open the ‘Season League’ tab (the cup icon in the upper right corner) and return to lobby or restart the client.

Good luck in the ranking battles!

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