Participate in Spring Festival in Survarium!

Spring is at its full power, so it's time to have a special event in Survarium with a new "Search and Destroy" game mode on a unique map! The event will last till April 30 (7 AM GMT+0).

There's an abandoned base somewhere in the Forest, where a group of survivors found shelter. One day the base is assaulted by five unknown attackers. Their goal is to deliver an artifact to one of two points, and survivors have to protect their base. If attackers manage to deliver the artifact, they win a round. Otherwise the round is won by defenders. After three rounds attackers and defenders switch places. The first team to win 5 rounds wins in the match. Hopefully you will like the new game mode and the location. So don't hesitate, come and join our Spring Festival!

Play in the game mode "Search and Destroy", receive special spring currency (mugs of ale, clover leaves, and pots of gold) and exchange it for weapons with the unique Spring camos! The higher you place after a match, the more currency you get! You can also receive the special currency in any other PvP-match, but playing "Search and Destroy" game mode will net you the biggest rewards. You will also get the Green Hat for the first PvP win during the event. Equip the hat and gain +2 to each of the even currencies after a match. Additionally, Premium account provides +25% to the amount of the event currency. Please note that bonuses of the hat and Premium account work only in the "Search and Destroy" game mode. You can also purchase the event currency in the Survarium web shop or in the game shop.

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