Participate in Taste of Victory Contest!

Kill as many enemies in ranked matches in Survarium using a tier 7 pistol as you can! Send us your screenshot of the post-match statistics to get a chance to win one of the chocolate APS, TT or PM pistols from our partner Chocolate Arsenal O.K.S.A.N.A., as well as in-game gold and premium membership!

Contest Rules

  • Kill as many enemies in a ranked match in Survarium from any tier 7 pistol as you can!
  • Share your screenshot on Facebook or on the forums.
  • If you have achieved better results in a later fight, you can replace the old screenshot with a new one.
  • The contest results will be checked by Survarium customer support, so you run the risk of being automatically disqualified from the competition if:
    1. Your screenshot was tampered with or does not comply with the terms of the contest.
    2. Your screenshot was made by collaborating with the enemy team.
    3. You achieved the result of using any other weapons except a tier 7 pistol.
    4. That wasn't a ranked match.

The duration of the competition is from October 11 up to and including October 25.


  • First place: Chocolate pistol (pick from three weapons) + 1000 gold + 1 month Premium.
  • Second place: Chocolate pistol (pick from two weapons) + 1000 gold + 1 week Premium.
  • Third place: Chocolate pistol (without the option to choose) + 500 gold + 1 week Premium.

Participate in the contest and be victorious!

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