Patch 0.52a1 is live on the PTS!

We have updated the Public Test Server to Survarium version 0.52a1! To participate in the test, please download new game version. Please note that the temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered in Survarium no later than March 26. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to login to the PTS if you have registered via Steam due to a different authentication system.

All testers will receive 10 thousand spare parts, 10 million silver, and 10 thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. Characters and progress in the main game as of March 26 will be copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way if receiving payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Read find the update notes of Survarium PTS 0.52a1 below. Please note that those are not final and The public server will receive version improved based on the results of the testing! See you on the PTS!

The Complete List of Changes in PTS 0.52a1

Technical changes

  • Survarium now uses a new graphic renderer. Please participate in the testing on the PTS, so we get performance data from as many different PC configurations as possible. This will allow us to fix the majority of the performance related problems.
  • Removed the following options from the Graphics menu: Geometry quality, Lighting quality, Decorations quality, Postprocessing quality, Particles quality, Renderer version.
  • Added the following option to the Graphics menu: Depth of field, Film grain, Lens flares, Chromatic aberration, Radial blur, Channel blur, Color shift, Vignetting, Subsurface scattering.
  • Reduced the input lag.
  • Added Minimize input lag option to the Game menu.
  • Fixed the display of damage decrease modifiers. A blank shield is displayed upon 40% decreased. A half-painted shield is displayed upon 60% decrease. A fully painted shield is displayed upon 80% decrease.
  • Reworked the visual effects of anomalies and artifacts.


  • Reworked the lighting on the following locations: Rudnya, Chemical Plant, Mamayev Kurgan. At the moment the new lighting is ready only for the daytime versions of the locations. Exactly these locations are available on the Survarium 0.52a1 PTS.
  • Rudnya received a dense fog on a swamp.
  • Team and tutorial missions are not available on the PTS.
  • Weapons, Equipment and Supplies

    • Changed materials on the most weapons. This makes weapons to look better.
    • Remodeled all sights.
    • Sights models received lens effect.
    • Fixed an issue with a slow reload on SV-98.

    User Interface

    • Dead characters on the statistics screen ("Tab" button in a match) are displayed on a transparent background.
    • Increased performance when the mini-map, crosshair or missions information is updated in a match.
    • Improved framerate stability during shootouts with other characters.
    • Optimized transition into the Killcam mode.
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