Photo contest started

Despite how things seem, there is indeed a widespread attack on civilization, all one needs to do is look out of the window or go for a walk to find a place where the scenery can  evoke thoughts of a post-apocalypse enviroment. We will not argue about whether it is good or bad, because today we will do something slightly different.

Adjust your camera and make sure they are ready for service, because our new competition "Survarium among us" is designed especially for you!

Your task: To find an area of residence that showcases interesting buildings, architectural structures or industrial facilities that fit perfectly into the style of our game, Survarium, photograph them and send us the pictures!

When reviewing the photos we will be taking the following into account:

  • The image resolution. (the higher the better)
  • Landscape (area in which the facility is located ) the state of nature and its unusual phenomena that occur when shooting.
  • Exterior - close-ups of the object, the individual parts of an object (communication devices/Radar dishes, various metal constructions)
  • Interior - general view within the premises of the location.
  • Mechanisms - interesting industrial devices, appliances and other equipment.

Your photos should have no publications on third-party resources.
Pictures of the public, taken from the Internet, are not allowed!
Photos that have no relation to the theme of the competition will be ignored.
Email us the download link to your photos with the subject title "International Photo Contest" at from 28 October to 28 November 2013. Don’t forget to include your name and surname when sending in your entries.

Pictures that are selected and approved will be posted in a separate album of Survarium facebook community. Failure to comply with the rules of this competition will result in disqualification. Within one week of the closing date we will select the names of 2 winners with the third being decided by a vote from the community.

Each of the three winners will be rewarded with an invite to test the project, a Survarium branded t-shirt and a poster signed by the developers.

Good luck Survivors and have fun!