Play With The Developers (Update)

Play with Survarium Developers

This coming September, players from the International community will be given a chance to join our developers in-game and spend some time playing against/with them and have questions answered both live and from a list that will be compiled from the forums.

If you have any burning questions you want answered, leave them as a reply to this news item. We’re going to select the most interesting ones submitted and do our best to answer them.

Please leave your questions in this topic

Here’s how it will work in detail:

1. Questions are posted on the forum and we pick them up from there.
2. The community shall nominate fellow community members they think are the best representatives to play with the developers by posting their nomination on the forum.
3. We will also pick up comments and questions live as they are posted throughout the stream on the channel chat.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Duration: Two Matches +/-
Live Streaming: Survarium Youtube Gaming Channel

UPDATE 2015/09/11

Dear Survivors,

It is with regret that we inform you of the temporary postponement of the "Play With Developers" event which was to be held in a mere hour. Unfortunately due to some unforseen circumstances, we have had no choice but to put it on hold. For this we extend to you our deepest apologies.

We are planning to go ahead with the event at a later date, most likely in the coming week. We'll definitely let you know once a concrete time has been established. We thank you for your understand and again apologise for the disappointment.

The Survarium Development Team

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