Read an interview with Dima, lead programmer

Since the publication of the interview with Survarium level designers, we’ve been receiving requests from the community to organize yet another interview with the project’s programmers.

We have heard you and prepared a new material featuring Survarium lead programmer Dmitry Yasenev!

See the interview below!

Some time ago the developers informed the community about a new rendering programmer working at Vostok Games. How soon will the users be able to see the results of his work?

We hope it to be quite soon. However, the first results are going to be bug fixes, and only then new features.

In your opinion, which renderer issues should be resolved in the first place?

First and foremost, we’re planning to fix objects flickering on camera rotation and movement, as well as decals shimmering and non-functioning antialiasing on low resolutions.

When do you plan to fix the anomaly on Tarakanovsky Fort location? Currently it is easy to aim right through it on new renderer, while the view is obscured on the old one.

It is one of the important tasks that are to be handled by the rendering programmer right after those described earlier. As a temporary solution, we can disable the distortion on the old renderer to even the chances of players using different renderers.

Some players are complaining about FPS drops after the 0.46 update. Would you share your ideas on why it happens and how it can be fixed?

There may be plenty of reasons. Some of them are already resolved by our rendering programmer. The fixes will be included in one of the upcoming updates. Follow the news to be the first to know!

One of the FAQs states the programmers are working on the navigation mesh. Tell us, when are there going to be visible results? Also, some players may be wonderimg what navmesh is needed for.

From the start navigation mesh has been developed for the character controller to use precalculated information instead of trying to compute it by itself every time. It would allow us to reduce the load on the processor, as well as make the controller more comfortable for the players. For instance, it would prevent the camera from going inside the objects and make going up the stairs more comfortable by prohibiting the character from jumping out onto the railing. As for the terms, we wouldn't want to disclose them now to not get ahead of ourselves. I can only say thay we’re working on it, and we do understand how important it is for the project.

Dmitry Yasenev

Don't you think the bots are too hardcore right now? It takes for them only 50 ms to aim, and they don't have any recoil while firing in long bursts. Also, when are they going to learn to avoid anomalies and allies’ traps?

Currently we’re planning to increase the interval between shots in bots. This way they will become less “hardcore”. As for the traps and anomalies, we will most probably teach them to “think” about such things after adapting the navigation mesh for their use.

What bots improvements may we expect in the foreseeable future?

We’re planning to teach them to look in the most dangerous directions, based on the incoming damage statistics. Currently we have the following features implemented: statistics collection, its processing and including the processed data in subsequent matches. We’re hoping for the players to see the results for themselves in the nearest furure.

Some players have been experiencing latency fluctuations up to exactly 501 ms. What could possibly be the reason? And when will this unpleasant issue be fixed?

There may be various reasons to this problem. For instance, it may have something to do with the ping increase, high lost packages count or low computer performance.

You’ve stated earlier that there was no need for a server-side anti-cheat with the Battleye service installed. Haven't you changed your opinion since then?

No, it hasn't so far. We must note though that we’re monitoring the situation and are ready to respond to any changes.

What is going to happen to 32-bit systems in Survarium?

We’re planning to abandon them altogether, since they're stalling the implementation of the new resource-consuming features.

What is your advice to the players experiencing technical issues with the game e.g. FPS drops, resynchronization etc?

It’s difficult to give advice without reading the match journal. The most logical first step would be to sumbit the match journal to Support after fhe game ends and explain the problem in order to receive further directions.

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