Read the Q&A with the team on Survarium 0.67!

Q&A with the team on Survarium 0.67!

After the release of Survarium Update 0.67 we've received a lot of questions about changes to the game. We have answered the most popular ones and explained why the Vostok Games team made certain decisions.

Read through the answers to get a better understanding of how the game works!

Shouldn't there be an indicator for whether or not shoe lining skill has been used once per life already? Maybe add points when automatically disabling a mine? Or some sort of sound when the mine is removed?

Originally the point of the skill was that it could save you from accidentally blowing up. So you actually wouldn't be even aware that you stepped on a mine, the skill just saves you. However, many people were unhappy with the randomness, so we removed it. And to balance the ability, it now only works once per life.

Still, we consider it to be a skill that could save you from a mine, if you didn't happen to step on one accidentally. So we believe this skill should still have an element of uncertainty, so adding an indicator or sound goes against this idea.

What do you think of shoe lining skill resetting if you resupply? What sort of crate doesn't have spare shoes?

Ammo crates don't have spare shoes, so no. Once per respawn it is. And we think it's already a good skill since it guarantees you to disable a mine once per life.

First screenshots of the Special weapons are being shared by the players and in the rewards screen it only shows the weapon itself, but the patch notes refer to some kind of boxes. Is there a misunderstanding here or does the box contain something else?

Yes, patch notes were a bit misleading in this regard. You only get a weapon, not a box that you actually open. The "box" concept only indicates that on a certain equipment tier you can receive certain weapons.

Can you disclose the chance of getting a special weapon?

No. But the chances were calculated based on how many matches on each equipment tier a player plays on average when leveling up. And chances for getting low tier weapons (when playing with corresponding gear, of course) are higher.

Will the special weapons get camouflage in the future? For example, the same camouflage for all of them?

We'll think about it, but currently there are no plans for that. The idea is introducing weapons that are ready to be used in battles since it has modules and three modifiers. But these weapons are not to replace premium or event rewards, so no special camo.

Since the VSSK "Dusk" is not obtainable in any way anymore, can you add this camo to the Special version? You have done it with the M1911 "Russian Contract".

We'll think about it.

Do special weapons only drop from PvP?


Three skills have been removed from the game with this update. What was the reason for each of them? Is this a permanent change or will they be brought back later when adjusted?

These skills were either too unpopular (rarely used), or had a lot of negativity from the players. For instance, many people hated the Last Chance because it could kill your teammates with a grenade.

As you see, we have reworked many skills (which were too strong or too weak), but we didn't have any good ideas as to what to do with these three, so we decided to remove them. They will only be reintroduced into the game if we have a good idea of how to rework them.

There was mention of an anomaly system rework not long ago. Is the anomaly spawning system logic update all there would be or can we expect more changes in 0.67?

As the patch notes state, we'll continue fine tuning the system. Also, there are plans to introduce a new anomaly, but we cannot promise anything yet. Definitely not in 0.67.

Can you explain how the "Amplification" skill works? Does the bonus increase every minute? Is there no cap to it as long as you have the artifact?

No, you don't have to wait the whole minute, the bonus increases continuously and is not capped.

The artifact power is calculated as the following: base power * (100% + Artifacts Power bonus + Amplification bonus * Time in seconds / 60).

For instance, if you have two points in Amplification (10% bonus per minute), then after having an artifact for 30 seconds, it becomes 5% stronger.

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