Read Survarium 0.60 Preview!

Hi everyone! While planning update 0.60, we wanted to introduce long awaited changes and improvements to the game, and also add new content. Of course, we were limited by the time we had: by now it's been 3 months since the release of Survarium 0.59b with a new talent tree, changes to the melee attack and x64 architecture. What did we manage to do in that time?

Crafting Weapon Modules

Since the updated modules system has been introduced, all players had the same problem: you were only guaranteed to get the module you needed if you purchased it with gold. Otherwise you had to rely on chance. We wanted to improve the system for some time now: we had a few ways to solve the problem, but all of those seemed too complex both from the UI perspective and user experience.

Finally we settled on the simplest and most elegant (as we believe) solution: allowing to create every type of modules available for each weapon using spare parts. Quality of the crafted module is chosen randomly, and you can still improve the modules you get by using the system that's already in the game.

We have ideas about taking the crafting system further, but first we'd like to hear your feedback and understand whether we are moving in the right direction.

New Variation of CNPP Cooling Tower

We wanted to release a new location in Survarium Update 0.60 very much, and that location would be based on the so called Russian Woodpecker. Alas, 3 months is not enough to deliver the content in the quality we wanted. Most likely it will be available with Survarium 0.61 which will hopefully be released in a couple months

But we didn't want to leave you without new content, and since many of you asked to rework CNPP Cooling Tower basing on the PTS version of the location, we decided to do that. We changed the layout of the space under the tower itself, which to our mind made the battles faster and more intense. This new variation will be available in "Slaughter" game mode. But that's not all! We have introduced anomalies to both variations of the location in "Slaughter"!

Updated Supplies Mechanics

After releasing survival skill tree in update 0.59b, we got a lot of feedback, and based on it we decided to rework general gameplay mechanics of using supplies. Now you can toss them out for a short distance instead of placing down. This change affects medkits, bandages and sensors. To throw the supply, press and release the corresponding hotkey.

We are also changing the way supplies affect the character's stamina. Now you lose stamina depending on explosion radius and damage dealt by the supply. Finally, we have fixed situations when supplies dropped under the terrain.

Vepr-12 "Legend" and New Modules

As we already announced, the league shop will receive Vepr-12 "Legend" shotgun with a unique camo. Additionally, we are planning to add a couple new modules, including collimators. And thanks to the new module crafting system you will be able to instantly create these collimators!

Vepr-12 Legend with a unique camo in Survarium 0.60

Rebalancing Weapons and Equipment

Despite the recent nerfs of assault rifles, they are still one of the best weapons, and certainly the most versatile. We don't want to make them useless, but we also want to increase usability of other weapon types, so in Survarium 0.60 assault rifles will be slightly nerfed

Some sniper rifles will also be changed to decrease effectiveness of quick scoping. Automatic pistols will also be somewhat weakened as we want you to use other side arms as well. Finally, stats of some equipment sets (you must have an idea which ones) will be changed.

At the same time we will make shotguns and SMGs stronger, but not in a way to make them an obvious choice. In general, we expect that these changes overall will make the equipment and weapons more balanced and remove everyone's favourites from the equation. But we don't want to break the balance, so we are making small corrections and expect you will still be able to effectively use your favourite weapons.

Release Date and Other Changes

These are only the biggest among the upcoming changes and improvement. We also fixed annoying bugs with grenades falling under the terrain and sounds playing between rounds in S&D game mode. Also, following your requests, we are adding tier 2 and tier 3 premium equipment to the list of Team Mission rewards.

We will publish the full list of changes in Survarium 0.60 before the update goes live, which should be sometime in the second half of September. So very soon you will be able to check out a new variation of CNPP Cooling Tower, system for crafting modules and other new features.

Discuss the upcoming changes on the forums and stay tuned for more!