Read Survarium 0.64 preview!

Hi everyone! While working on Survarium 0.63 we concentrated on balancing, and in the upcoming update we want to address some of the community's concerns and suggestions. We will add new items, change certain game mechanics and update some descriptions so they are more clear and easier to understand by all players, both new and old. In addition, there will be a summer event in Survarium 0.64, which will bring unique decals and weapon camouflages as rewards.

Balaclavas for all Factions

For a long time the community asked to add balaclavas into the game, since those were present in early Survarium art even before the alpha version of the game was released. So, we'll do this in Survarium 0.64! To emphasize the visual style of each faction, we created four balaclava models: one hole, three holes, buff (neck gaiter) and kufiya. Guess which design is each faction getting!

Moreover, we are adding tactical glasses, and each balaclava will have two versions: with and without the glasses. Regardless, all balaclavas are tier 3 gear with corresponding stats, and can also be equipped into a visual character slot.

New Assault Rifle

Even though there's a lot of various weapons in Survarium, you always ask us to add something new. Among the most requested were Steyr AUG and FAMAS – both bullpup assault rifles. But since there's an obvious lack of French weapons in the game, our choice was simple. The Famas weapon will be available as tier 5 assault rifle.

Visual Improvement of Decals

Up to the version 0.63, decals in Survarium looked as images slapped over the character's clothes. At last, we decided to fix this and totally rework their appearance. Now decals really look like they have been embroidered and have corresponding structure. The majority of the decals in the game have been reworked, including flags.

You might not like it, but we also reduced the maximum possible size of decals: now you can't stretch them over the whole character body. There are a couple reasons for the change. Firstly, we believe that decals should not replace camouflages. Secondly, decals don't really look that good while being stretched too much.

Summer Heat in Survarium

Play Survarium during the event, gather event currency (symbols of herbs, fire and sun), and exchange them for a new decal and two weapons with unique camouflages and three random modifiers: Vepr "Summer Heat 2020" and VSK-94 "Summer Heat 2020". You will also receive another decal for the first win in a PvP-match during the event. We plan to launch the event at the very end of July, and it will most likely last for 10 days.

Release Date and Other Changes

We are changing the way points are awarded in all PvP-modes, so the list of actions better corresponds to the goal of each mode. Aside from everything else, we added new actions that award points. For instance, you will now receive them for finishing an enemy's killstreak (eliminating an enemy who is currently on a killstreak). As an experiment, in Survarium 0.64 we will disable killcam and hit indicator in ranked matches. This change is only for the ranked battles, and this is another thing that was requested by the community.

We are also changing some gameplay mechanics. Say, now C-4 disappears when the character who placed it dies. These are only the most noticeable of the upcoming changes and improvements. We will post the full Survarium 0.64 change log before the update is released, which happens in the second half of July. So very soon you will be able to see the new weapon, balaclavas, updated decals, and other changes first hand.

Discuss the upcoming changes on the the forums and stay tuned!