Read: Survarium's 0.54 Update Preview

In late August, our development team announced a new location called "CNPP Cooling Tower". Today we want to lift the veil and tell you a little bit more about the new map. The level is developed on the basis of a real-world prototype, which is located near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The structure is impressive in its dimensions - and can be seen from a distance of several kilometers.

CNPP Cooling Tower. Outside view

At one stage, unfinished cooling towers of the third stage of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant were created to cool the water of the fifth and sixth power units. However, the terrible catastrophe changed many things. The first tower was completed up to roughly the 60% stage.

CNPP Cooling Tower. Inside view. Image №1

We visited the tower to collect material, took photos, video, recorded sounds and enough clear impressions for the subsequent work on the location. There really is something impressive. The cooling tower is surrounded by a small forest, storing artifacts from the old era. For example, at 50 meters, for more than 30 years, there have been refrigerators of inhabitants of the dead city of Pripyat. Staying inside the tower for a long time is very dangerous. Scaffolding, affixed to the top is now very rotten and could fall at any moment. In fact, some of them have fallen already. The radiation level is ten times higher than the norm, and if the dosimeter is moved close to the moss, which here is in excess, the value will increase several times more.

CNPP Cooling Tower. Inside view. Image №2

Once in the middle of the tower, you are amazed at how huge this structure actually is. Man seems like an ant surrounded by majestic walls. Inside, it's always cool, damp and windy. The sun struggles to shine through.

Acoustic properties in the center of the tower are such that even the soft sound of pebbles under the soles of your feet are amplified several times and is reflected from a 76 meter high circular wall. Nevertheless, in Survarium, we will limit ourselves to only the most important sounds: these are weapons, steps and other well-known game sounds.

On one of the concrete blocks has been painted by an Australian artist Guido Van Helten with a mural in memory of the liquidators. This picture players will be able to see in the game.

Survarium CNPP Cooling Tower Screen №1

But enough memories. Let's go back to the world of Survarium. Why would this uncomfortable place attract survivors? It's all about the design features of the structure. Survivors accidentally found this place and constructed a wind farm to generate electricity. And since the object has value, they erected a fortification inside for the purpose of defense, using various metal debris located around the tower.

We tried to reliably recreate the location, so the number of preserved details is great. From the design itself and to the picture on the block. Nevertheless, there are differences. So, inside the real cooling tower it's quite empty, so to create a location fit for gameplay we added game objects. While we used them from other levels. Nevertheless, in the near future we plan to replace them with new ones in order to present the location as originally planned.

The level is big. 126 meters from one end of the cooling tower to the other and about 30 meters adjacent to the perimeter of the territory.

Survarium CNPP Cooling Tower Screen №2

Players will be offered Slaughter and other modes. The final decision as to which ones exactly we will take based on results of the testing on a public server. We will inform you about the terms of testing accordingly. Follow the news on!

"CNPP Cooling Tower" is the main innovation of Survarium - Update 0.54. Also, players will be greeted with technical improvements, but more on that later. A full list of innovations and changes we will published with the release of the game update. Leave your comments on the forum!