The Results of the V-Day in Europe Event

Holiday V-Day in Europe Event came to an end, and today we'd like to share the results.

The Results of the Event

The Renaissanse Army has won by a noticeable margin, and in Survarium Update 0.59b (which we plan to release next week) we will introduce two new decals. Every player who received at least 10 thousand reputation for the Renaissance Army during the event will receive one of the decals for free. And each of the new decals can be bought for 100 thousand silver. Each of the decals gives bonuses, and the set provides even more!

Additionally, traders of all factions will reduce the prices on their stock, and the Renaissance Army traders will make the prices even lower! These prices will be active for a week.

And now some statistics. During the event the players have received 230 million of event reputation with all factions.

363 players have received at least one of the faction weapons with unique camouflages, and 63 people managed to get all 4 weapons. Moreover, 39 players earned enough reputation to receive all possible event rewards!

Event weapons by factions are distributed as following:
The Renaissance Army – 241 AK-47 assault rifles.
The Fringe Settlers – 176 Mosin rifles.
Black Market – 168 Winchester 1894 rifles.
Scavengers – 132 TOZ-34 shotguns.

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