The results of the first season of SCL

The first season of Survarium clan league organized by [AGW] PanterA on the SCL discord server recently came to an end. And don't forget to join Survarium discord server as well!

The first prize went to [ILS] International Legends, and its members will receive a custom decal as a reward which we will be adding in the upcoming Survarium updates. [Bier] Bier A* took the second place, and [-TLS-] Team Last Shot – the third.

Congratulations to all the participants who made it to the end despite some issues! The organizers consider this season a huge success, and Survarium team couldn't agree more: we hoped that clan battles functionality would be used to have tournaments like this one.

Meanwhile the organizers are preparing for the next season and ask everyone to fill in this questionnaire.

Huge thanks for organizing the tournament to:
@[Bier A] ShavedCoconut
@joewillburn @[dNiNa] Hammer2Head
@[BOTS] JarasonTheMLGPro
@[Bier] t0FF @[Bier] Danteska
and also anonymous sponsor.
SCL would not have happened without you!

See you in the next season of clan battles!

The results of the first season of clan league in Survarium

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