The 'Roscon' Survival Zone

On March 29 there was a one-day science-fiction literature event named Roscon, held in Moscow. Given Vostok Games' plans to launch a series of novels based on the world of Survarium (in the Russian language, to begin with), Vostok was an active part of the trade show.

In the frameworks of the event, visitors could not only see a presentation of the Survarium book project, speak to one of the writers and a developer's representative, but also play the latest version of the game and receive invitations to take part in the Closed-Beta. On top of that, Survarium cosplayers were rewarded with in-game premium currency. As you can guess, we had a very busy day in Moscow - the show was a great success and lots of fans came to visit us at the event.

To cap it all off, please, check our selection of photos from Roskon below.