Russian Invasion into Ukraine

On February 24th at 4 AM, without declaring a war, Russian army illegally crossed the borders of Ukraine from the east and the north, launching an attack from the Belarus territory as well. Russia started delivering rocket and avia attacks against Ukrainian cities, and these attacks are still not over.

At the moment, a week after the invasion began, over 2,000 Ukrainian civilians are killed, including dozens of children. Many more people are wounded. You can find out more about the war here. And don't trust Russian propaganda – they call it a "special operation" and say that they only target Ukrainian military. This is a lie since Russian troops deliberately shell residential areas, hospitals, schools and even kindergartens. There's plenty of proof if you google it or follow any news except the Russian ones.

You can help by donating here or here, and also by spreading the word about Russia's war crimes. Going to a public demonstration in your city, helping Ukrainian refugees, or sending humanitarian aid is a huge help too.

P.S. At the moment Survarium is still available, but we are not in a position to work on further updates. Vostok Games team is safe, and we will keep you posted!

This is the Freedom Square in Kharkiv after the Russian rocket attack