The Story Behind Survarium's London

The second Survarium location outside the former USSR is London. One of the areas of the British capital served as a prototype for the game level. Discover the story behind this location and read a lot of interesting facts presented by the artists of Vostok Games!

The creation of the location began with searching for key places that could show the city’s character and attract players. When working on concept art the artists focused on the atmosphere, which is clearly seen on the scenery of the fallen overgrown Ferris wheel (London Eye) standing over the dried Thames. In another version of the art the wheel was located in the midst of a foggy swamp, but it was too big for the location and was ruining the composition. Therefore, we abandoned this idea.

Next we moved on to work on the concept of flooded city with London double-decker buses, trucks, cars, bus stops and other objects sticking out of the water. The local faction built makeshift bridges, buildings and fortifications to move easily between them. Walls of the houses were covered with algae, various mutated flora and shells.

In this variation of London players were supposed to fight on the roofs reinforced with metal plates, additional structures and suspension bridges. We wanted to implement some ideas from the "Waterworld" movie. By design, a view of the entire ruined city would open from these rooftops. The city would have recognizable objects like the Ferris wheel or the oval-shaped building, which is now in Survarium.

Due to various reasons flooded London wasn’t developed, and we proceeded with the concept of an overgrown city. We explored different London streets, wondering which of them could be interesting battle locations for a shooter. This art depicts one of the shops.

We had come to the conclusion that this idea was too jaded, and tried to fill the location with giant roots. The main goal for us was to create a gloomy atmosphere on the level with a predominance of ash tones. There was a bright anomaly serving as a colorful spot in the overall grim composition. The anomaly would be surrounded by destroyed vehicles which were supposed to become a fight zone.

The idea was not approved, except the building. It seemed to us, that the building had not previously been implemented in video games. So we rushed to draw a concept of it.

Throughout the development process we were toying with the idea to make London a desert city in which all vegetation had dried up. To show the presence of the settlers, we added different fortifications to the local structures. We tried to make this location look epic. Therefore, we invented all sorts of objects that would be placed up high: suspended tunnels, attached balconies, additional rooms, and watch towers. The result was some sort of a post-apocalyptic city. We hoped to show the traces of an incident in which a faction rushed here on a heavy freight wagon.

So why did we choose a desert city to be the final idea? We wanted to go in different art course, and to offer players an unusual location. We strive to diversify the game with different ideas of biomes that players must adapt to.

We still work on the location. We plan to add vegetation to support the mutated flora which is present on other maps. We have ideas for adding other things and effects which we hope players will appreciate. Not all of them might appear in London, but in the future the concepts will be used during the development of other maps.

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