Summer Event in Survarium is Live. Play Now!

Summer event in Survarium is now live and lasts until August 10, 7 AM GMT. Play in PvP matches, gather event currency and exchange it for unique rewards! You will also receive one decal for free! Have a good time playing the game!

Summer event in Survarium

  • Take part in the summer event! From July 31 to August 10, play in PvP matches and earn event currency: symbols of herbs, fire and sun. Collect enough symbols and exchange them for unique rewards!
  • The following items are available for exchange: Vepr "Summer heat 2020" and VSK-94 "Summer heat 2020" assault rifles, "Summer badge II" decal.
  • For the first victory in a PvP-match during the event you will get "Summer badge I" decal for free!
  • "Summer badge I" provides +5% bonus to experience. "Summer badge II" provides +10% bonus to spare parts.
  • Set of both decals additionally provides +5% to both experience and spare parts.

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