Summer Heat in Survarium!

Summer heat in Survarium is already in full swing! Take part in a special gaming event dedicated to all of our beloved summer! From July 26 to August 9, perform tasks in the game and earn a festive currency: symbols of grass, fire and sun. Collect the necessary number of symbols and exchange them for a unique weapon with festive camouflage!

For the exchange are available Remington 700 "Soot" (2nd level of equipment), Socom 16 "Flame" (3rd level of equipment) and PP-2000 "Ornament" (2nd level of equipment). In addition to the unique camouflage, festive weapons give a bonus to experience: + 10%.

Also read about changes and new features in Survarium Update 0.47b which is live now!

Survarium: Summer Heat. Sniper rifle Remington 700 «Soot»

Survarium: Summer Heat. Carbine Socom 16 «Flame»

Survarium: Summer Heat. Submachine gun PP-2000 «Ornament»

Participate in the festive event and get unique prizes!

See you in the game!

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