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Survarium Updated To Version 0.32Survarium Update 0.32 is now live! You will find the complete list of changes and video preview of the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.32. Here's a short summary of testing from Ruslan Didenko, Project Lead of Survarium. The PTS is closed until the next update.

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The Complete List of Changes in Survarium 0.32

Don't want to read through the complete list? Watch the video highlighting the main features of Survarium 0.32!


  • Changed the balance of weapons and equipment. Due to the magnitude of changes we are publishing properties of all weapons below
  • Equipment repair cost decreased by 10%
  • Additional repair costs caused by modifications decreased by 25%
  • Headshot damage multiplier reduced from x3 to x2
  • Added support of game events. The dates of the events will be announced later
  • Now sniper rifles with manual chambering do not chamber the next round immediately after a shot in aiming mode. Chambering starts when you exit aiming mode or attempt to shoot one more time
  • Damage from anomalies increased by approximately 50%

Autumn Leagues Season

  • The season will last until November 30, 2015
  • Only characters of level 20 and above can participate in Leagues
  • Along with the usual rating change, wins will get you bonus rating. The bonus depends on your position in the team
  • When you first enter each League, you will receive an incentive award
  • At the end of the season you will receive a reward. Its quality depends on the maximum League you reached during the season
  • Killcam is disabled in ranked matches

Equipment and Weapons

  • Effective firing range of submachine guns and assault rifles reduced by approximately 20%
  • The damage of weapons outside the effective range of fire was increased by x1.5. The damage of sniper rifles outside the effective range of fire was increased by x2. Weapons still do less damage outside the effective range than inside
  • Damage of the majority of automatic weapons was reduced. Now killing a character with an assault rifle requires 4 shots at point blank range (provided an enemy has the armor of equal level). Kills with submachine guns require 5 shots at point blank range
  • Armor-piercing of most automatic weapons was increased. Now you have much higher chances to inflict full damage to armor of equal level (except heavy armor)
  • Reduced armor of gloves, boots and oxygen masks
  • Reduced influence of modifiers on recoil reduction by x2. Now you can get maximum recoil reduction of -15%
  • Increased the difference in armor between light, medium and heavy body armor of the same level
  • Increased dispersion when firing in long bursts
  • Significantly decreased accuracy when firing sniper weapons while aiming and moving
  • For most weapons two types of ammunition are now available: ordinary and armor piercing. The latter is effective against targets in heavy armor
  • VSS: level of equipment increased to 9
  • RGD-5 grenade: blast radius reduced to 6m
  • RGO grenade: blast radius reduced to 4.5m

User Interface

  • "Distance" in weapon properties is now called "Effective range"
  • "Dispersion" in weapon properties is now called "Spread"
  • Weapon properties now display recoil rate instead of time to aim
  • "Recoil" is now displayed with two decimal place accuracy
  • Added tooltips to the graphics settings window

Locations and Visuals

  • London: changed lighting and improved overall visual quality
  • Optimized locations to improve performance on systems with low-end graphics cards
  • Changed particles of random anomalies


  • Added simplified models (LOD, level of detail) of equipment of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels to display at long distances

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a black spot in rifle scopes of VSSK Vychlop and VSSK Dusk
  • Fixed a network data overflow error resulting in the game crashing during a battle
  • Fixed deserialization of objects that caused random game crashes during a battle
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the game crashing when applying graphics settings
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the game crashing when you report a player from a profile selection menu
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the game crashing when breath holding sound is played
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the game crashing when sending system configuration
  • Fixed shot particles of VSS and VSK-94
  • Fixed an issue with isolation modifier on masks
  • Fixed bugs with displaying texts in Spanish and French localizations

Weapon parameters in Survarium 0.32

Rate of fire of some rifles is not representative because of the manual chambering. We are not publishing these values because they can be misleading as the real rate of fire in the game is much lower.

Recoil values in the game can differ by 0.01 because they are rounded and displayed with two decimal place accuracy.

Hover a cursor over stat names the first line to see a more detailed description of the weapon parameter.

1Mosin CarbineSniper Rifle100200.13.1660 –4.5
1Winchester 1894DMR50150.151.82602003.1
2AEK-919К KashtanSMG22100.31.36309001.78
2PP-91 KedrSMG22100.41.46309001.4
2Fort 17Pistol22100.41.56303500.7
2NeoStead 2000 М2Shotgun100100.22.11402503.9
3TOZ-122Sniper Rifle100350.12.6960 –3.5
3Colt PythonPistol33150.251.75402001.21
3MR-153 BaikalShotgun100100.152.21405003.5
3Remington 870Shotgun100100.22.31504503.4
4H&K UMP45SMG23200.251.56306002.3
4AKMAssault Rifle28250.21.82506003.1
4Franchi SPAS-12Shotgun110100.22.11402404.4
4Benelli M4 Super 90Shotgun110100.22.11403003.82
5SR-2М VereskSMG24250.61.36309001.5
5Valmet Rk.62Assault Rifle28300.21.72506754.3
5Remington 700Sniper Rifle100500.13.16100 –3.06
6AKS-74UAssault Rifle25350.251.23506502.7
6SV-98Sniper Rifle110500.12.69100 –6.2
6SOCOM 16DMR60500.151.82602503.99
7AK-74NAssault Rifle25500.21.23506503.6
7VeprAssault Rifle25500.21.23506253.45
7FN FNCAssault Rifle25500.151.23506503.81
7AK-74MAssault Rifle25500.21.27506503.4
7SVDSniper Rifle70500.12.691002004.68
7vz. 58 PAssault Rifle28500.151.82508002.91
8H&K MP7SMG20450.60.89309501.8
8MSBS RadonAssault Rifle25550.151.27507253.7
8M4A1Assault Rifle25550.151.32507502.68
9VSSSniper Rifle25550.11.32506003.4
9FN P90SMG22500.40.89309002.8
9A545Assault Rifle24550.151.23509003.5
9HK 416A5Assault Rifle25550.151.23508503.5
9Kriss VectorSMG22500.21.363010002.7
9VSK-94Sniper Rifle25550.11.32307003.6
9OTs-14Assault Rifle27550.151.55307502.7
9AS ValAssault Rifle25500.151.55308002.5
99A-91Assault Rifle25500.21.75307501.8
9SR-3МAssault Rifle25550.21.75309002
10FN MinimiLMG28700.151.23608006.5
10AK-12Assault Rifle28700.21.28506503.2
10VHS-2Assault Rifle28700.151.32307503
10PKP PechenegLMG30700.11.5606508.2
10FN SCAR-HAssault Rifle30700.11.82606253.7
10Ash-12Assault Rifle35700.051.98506506
10VSSK VychlopSniper Rifle1301000.013.64100 –7
10Barrett M82Sniper Rifle1501000.014.612006014

Download Survarium 0.32 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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