Survarium Alpha Test Registration Now Open

Vostok Games announces the start of registration for the Alpha testing of Survarium MMOFPS!
Soon the first of you will be able to witness the world of 'green apocalypse' and try out the boots of various faction fighters! The server tranquility will burst with first gunshots; man will face man in PvP combat, while the will of one fighter will clash with the will of another!

Follow this link and fill out the form to register for participation.

We would also like to share the following information with you:

  • The fact of filling out the form and the application submission does not guarantee that you will obtain access to test the game. If/When an invite is received, that is the only guarantee of your participation.
  • We will be choosing the candidates who best fit to the needs of each specific game testing stage. We are going to pick users of various gaming styles and experience – from hardcore users to casual players, and on top of that we are going to test the game on a variety of hardware specs.
  • We encourage you to provide accurate data about yourself and your hardware. Do not exaggerate - remember that alpha testing of Survarium is hard work, rather than entertainment. The participants will deal with an unoptimised game client, experience errors and bugs, submit reports on those and deal with multiple things requiring patience and diligence.
  • If you have not been selected for the first wave of the Survarium alpha test, do not get upset – you still have a chance to join later as we are going to constantly increase the “army” of testers depending on our current needs.

The Vostok Games development team wishes you good luck in the challenging testing process – it is only together that we’ll be able to breathe life into Survarium, remove the bugs and polish the project to perfection. We count on your help and are very grateful for your efforts!