Survarium Developer Q&A for the Fan-Sites

Recently Vostok Games held an event among the Russian-speaking Survarium fan-sites. The idea was for the fan communities to generate their questions to the developers and send those over to Vostok Games. From among the general stack of questions the most interesting ones were picked to get answered by the development team. Read on to check the Q&A here.

The event is not over though.

Now, admins of each fan-site listed in the Community section at can send their 5 best questions to Vostok Games by May 31. Just email those to In case your questions are selected from among the rest, your fan-site will be rewarded with the invites to access Survarium early game builds.

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy is remembered by many players not only with its awesome atmosphere, great music, but also the quite impressive intro and outro movies. The MMO-games are not particularly known for their mesmerizing cg videos, as those are expensive, yet – Do you plan to come up with at least an opening video for Survarium
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Yes, we have such a video planned for the game. We expect to come up with it closer to the game getting into the Open Beta stage.

2. While most MMO games currently switch to the "f2p" model which allows downloading games directly from the developer’s website, some are also available to purchase in stores as a hard copy. For example, World of Tanks you can buy in two versions, one of those containing a special code enabling you to test the premium account and a small amount of in-game gold. It would be great to buy the game on disk in a box containing, say, the code to unlock a unique gun, armor or a certain amount of “golden” roubles! Do you plan a distribution like that for Survarium?
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Yes, the volunteers will be able to purchase a collector’s edition of the game in box. More details on what will be included and where to buy it we’ll share closer to the game’s release.

3. 3.Will it be possible to make screenshots or talk about the Alpha Test publicly?
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No, at the Alpha Test stage the posting of screenshots and in-game materials will be prohibited by the User Agreement. Those spotted in violating that will have their Alpha Tester’s account suspended.

4. Under the player’s disconnection from server (as a result of Internet problems or server problems), will there be implemented a certain player protection system to prevent data loss (achievements, equipment etc?)
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Definitely there will be.

5. Do you plan to split the Survarium world by languages? One part, for example, for the Russian- speaking players, another one – for English, third one – for Germans and so on? Or will all the players play in one world?
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We plan to divide the game servers based on the territorial principle. It is technically possible to split the servers by languages, but you need to deeply analyze the playing audience, weigh up the pros and cons of such a decision.

6. Does Vostok Games have any plans to launch a benchmark for testing the user’s hardware compatibility/appropriateness to the game’s requirements a month or two prior to the release? It would be good to have a chance to know about the possibly required upgrade in advance.
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Releasing such a benchmark is an interesting idea definitely. As of now, though, our entire team is focused on developing the game features and tools, therefore we do not plan to come up with a benchmark in the nearest time.

7. Is it possible to build the game based on cloud technology when the Internet channel ‘width’ will be much more important than the hardware component of client machine?
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Unfortunately, the current development of Internet channels does not allow playing shooters with acceptable ping. Judge it for yourself, even if you have a ping of 20ms, the image on screen will lag behind your actions by 40ms (given we ignore the time of server’s work), which equals to playing at 25 FPS. Contemporary client-based online games project the server response and start actions even before receiving it and correct the result in case the prognosis didn’t match. Thus, if you pressed Forward you will move forward straight away, not 40ms after. In case of cloud-based technology that pause, unfortunately, cannot be fixed by any means, and all boils down to the speed of signal transfer.
On top of that, if you want to play in the resolution of 1920x1080, and if we admit that the image transferred is compressed 10 times, then your Internet channel must be about 124 mbit/sec-wide.

8. Will there be various events dedicated to certain dates and events of Survarium, the developers and real life? For example, the Chernobyl anniversary, Kyshtym accident, various holidays like Earth Day, Vostok Games jubilee etc.
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Yes, there will be.