Survarium Development Plans

Greetings survivors!

Back before the release of Survarium Update 0.40 we promised to discuss future development plans, however unfinished work on certain key innovations, such as the new graphics renderer prevented us from doing it. Now, that the new renderer has become available with the 0.41 update, we can catch our breath and discuss the development plans for the coming months. We are hopeful that today’s developer’s diary will give you the answers to your most topical questions.

For starters, let’s briefly sum up what has already been implemented in Survarium. From the very start we set ourselves an ambitious goal – to design Survarium as an MMOFPS game with a unique fully-developed universe, various in-game factions and gameplay featuring elements of survival in a post-apocalyptic world with anomalies and artifacts. We decided to start with the development of the team-play mode (PvP) as the basis of the game, and then add all other ideas on top.

We estimate the PvP mode is 80% complete at this point. We have delivered 4 game modes, 9 maps, over 70 weapons, 4 factions with unique sets of gear, 3 character skill trees, equipment modification system and weapon modules. The system of anomalies and artifacts has been created, so as a proprietary game engine written from scratch, including two versions of the renderer: for up-to-date and slow computers.

The big PvP innovations yet to be delivered include the clan system and the global map mode. Also there is a number of announced technological changes which are in the works, but yet have to be completed: the new navigation mesh, network synchronization 2.0, a more advanced anti-cheat system and graphics renderer optimization. We plan to add these features to Survarium in the coming months.

Now let’s talk about where Survarium will move globally and what our general plan for developing the game, based on the real state of things is. We also will answer the question asked by many of you: why does development go much slower than we would all like it to?

First important thing to realize: everything we earn month-to-month goes entirely to cover the development costs of Survarium. The higher the earnings, the more developers we can hire, the higher the development costs. Six months ago, having fully realized our possibilities, we changed our approach to the development. We started paying more time to solving the technical issues, first of all the stability and performance. Unfortunately we underestimated the challenges behind certain specific changes and not everything deemed has been integrated as yet. However, the positive moves have already been visible.

Compared to October 2015:

  • The monthly audience of Survarium and peak online players have doubled.
  • Each player on average spends 25% more time in Survarium.
  • The return of new players to the game has improved by 15%.

Those indicators are not yet sufficient to keep the development pace as high as we would like it to be. As of today we have a small team of developers working on the game. The forces we have right now are enough to keep improving the PvP part of Survarium and gradually integrate the PvE components. Yet our resources are absolutely insufficient to deliver the Freeplay mode in the near future.

How is the progress with Freeplay thus far? As of today we have the concept document ready, the preliminary technical tests and evaluations have been made, art concepts of monsters have been done. However, let’s be frank, this is not the state to demonstrate the game publicly and post regular news updates on it. As already mentioned, the main reason is that at the moment we have no resources available to boost the team considerably, so that we could simultaneously develop Freeplay and properly support the development of PvP. We are hoping the positive dynamics and general increase in the number of players following the recent updates 0.40 and 0.41 will allow us to gradually expand the team and speed up the development.

Now let’s define the list of the most noteworthy changes to the game we plan to implement in Survarium within the next 12 months (without specifying the order and delivery timing as yet):

Technical innovations

  • Improvement of the new graphics renderer.
  • New character controller and navigation mesh (required for introducing bots).
  • Network synchronization improvements (continuous tickrate, ping impacts).
  • Server-side anticheat.


  • 1-2 new game modes.
  • New game map.
  • Global map mode (clan battles).
  • Proper system of player rankings.
  • The remaining skilltrees and supplies introduced.
  • New weapons and gear items.


  • Non-player characters (bots).
  • Co-operative missions.

This list may be expanded as Survarium develops.

The path described provides for a step-by-step evolution of the project. This path requires persistence and patience from all of us, but we are still hoping to get through it together with all of you – today your support is more important to us than ever before! On our side, we are prepared to inform you more regularly and more openly about what is happening in the development of the game at those given moments. This should enable us all to be on the same page.

Thank you for reading and see you on the battlefields of Survarium!

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