Survarium: Fragmovie Contest!

Create a Fragmovie and demonstrate your skills in killing opponents, including some dynamic/exciting music and share it with us! Your placing in the contest depends on the quality of your work. Make an effort - a simple video that lacks creativity is unlikely to have a chance of success. Use video effects and replays to capture the key moments when killing of enemies from different positions!

The terms of participation

  • Upload a video to YouTube with the title "Survarium: Fragmovie Contest - "Username";
  • Share it in the subject on the official forum topic;
  • At the beginning of the video, add a slide "Survarium: Fragmovie Contest";
  • One video per participant;
  • Video duration: 1-3 minutes;
  • Borrowed videos, as well as commercials placed before the competition are forbidden;
  • It is forbidden to use fragments from a video of other players, as well as other people's replays;
  • The video should not violate the rules of the Survarium forum and;
  • Entries are open from June 22 to July 11 (inclusive).


At the end of the competition, we will select three winners and award them with Survarium branded T-shirts, as well as complete sets of premium outfits of your choice!

Good luck Survivors!

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