Survarium Gains Two Awards!

May 15-17 2013: Every year in Moscow developer’s conference KRI 2013 takes place. This year Vostok Games set up an exhibit at the event and showcased a Survarium-themed booth. In our small stylized ‘bunker’ every fan could take part in heated PvP battles by playing the current Alpha version of Survarium. It should be noted that this was the first public showing of the game.

Throughout the three days of the show the game was play-tested by several hundreds of conference attendees, dozens of journalists and 29 members of the jury made up of the industry leaders. Based on results of what they saw, the latter were to provide their verdict when voting for the game projects demonstrated.

We are pleased to announce that Survarium gained two awards; as 'The Best Debut of KRI 2013', as well as being so highly acclaimed by the players and our colleagues to achieve 'The People’s Choice of KRI 2013' award! Both of the awards have successfully reached Kiev shores to find their space in our studio.

On behalf of Vostok Games, we’d like thank everyone that supported Survarium at KRI 2013! Our special thanks go to the players who actively played on servers during the show to help us demonstrate the game at its best.

See you next time!

Below is our photo report of the event, enjoy!