The Survarium Halloween Event Has Started!

The Survarium Halloween event has started, and in honour of the occasion we added a special "Search and Destroy" mode to Survarium playable on the updated "School" location! The game event will last from October 31st to November 9th!

A group of survivors occupied the territory of the abandoned school. Suddenly, they are attacked by five unknown combatants. Their goal is to deliver a strange artifact to one of the two dedicated points on the map, while overriding the defensive side. If the attackers succeed, they will win the round. In case of failure, the victory will go to the defending team. Having played three rounds, the attackers and defenders switch places. Victory in the match is awarded to the first team to score 5!

Play in the "Search and Destroy" mode, earn special currency: pumpkins, spiders and skulls and then exchange them for weapons with unique camouflage! MP-153, AS Val and UMP-45 are available for exchange. All weapons have unlocked slots for modules and orange modifiers are available. Special thanks to John Rivian for his help.

The higher the place you finish in the match results, the more currency you will get! You can also earn symbols in regular PVP matches, however you will receive the maximum currency only by playing "Search and Destroy" mode. For the first victory in a PvP-battle, you are awarded with a special "Voodoo" mask. Put it on your character to get +1 to pumpkins, +2 to spiders and +3 to skulls every time you earn. In addition, an active premium account gives you + 25% to all special currency earned. Missing currency (If you do not manage to earn enough during the event) can be purchased in the Survarium web shop or in the game shop. Also, until November 9th only, you have a chance to acquire a unique mask, enabling you with +5% extra experience.

Good luck!

The Masks for Survarium Halloween Event

Mask "Vodun"

Mask "Plague doctor"

Mask "Clown"

Mask "Geisha"

Mask "Zombie"

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