The Survarium New Year's Holiday Event Has Ended!

The Survarium New Year's Holiday Event Has Ended! If you did not manage to collect enough special holiday currency before the event ended, do not despair: until 08:00 AM GMT, January, you can buy it in the store Survarium.

You therefore still have time to obtain a unique Benelli M4 (3rd level of equipment), PP-19-01 (4th level of equipment) and A-545 (5th level of equipment)!

The "Gun Race" mode is also available until 08:00 AM GMT, January 15. The rewards are identical to those from conventional PVP modes. Participate in voting If you want to see the new Map or Mode added to the game.

The game lobby has been reverted back to normal. The Festive treasure hunt has also been removed from the game.

Thank you for choosing to be with Survarium during the special holiday event and good luck in your future matches!

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