Survarium Patch 0.53 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Patch 0.53 is live!

Survarium Patch 0.53 with the new lobby and voice chat is now live!

Please find the complete list of changes or watch the video overview of the Patch below. Have a good time playing the game!

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Survarium Patch 0.53 Change List

Don't want to read through the complete list? Watch the video highlighting the main features of Survarium 0.53!

Survarium Patch 0.53 Highlights

Voice Chat

Now you can communicate with each other directly in the game without the need of third-party applications. By default, voice chat works for allies. Each player has the ability to turn off both voice and text chat of any player and voice chat can be controlled in the audio settings. Players can always choose not to use voice chat. This is of course if you do not want to listen to allies or want to save on internet traffic. At the moment, voice chat is available during the match, we plan to develop this further, but first we want to gather feedback from the players. At the moment, voice chat is only available during the match. We plan to further develop this feature but first we want to gather feedback from testing.

Improved Weapon Module System

This system was announced earlier in the year, finally, it will be added with the release of 0.53. Now you can use the accumulated weapon modules (of the same type) to obtain rarer modules with improved characteristics. Improving the characteristics of a module can be done using three any other modules of the same type. The chance of successful improvement is 50%, but for gold you will have a 100% success rate. Also, modules which had their modifiers changed in 0.53 have been unlinked. If your module was installed on a weapon, it will stay there, but you can put it on another weapon for free. In this case the module will bind to this weapon.

New Lobby

In 0.53 we draw your attention the new design of the game lobby. A Light, cozy apartment of around 33 square meters, with a well-preserved rug and an old refrigerator, storing a cold bottle that can warm the soul. A place where you want to return to after a long day of wandering, throw your backpack onto the table and relax in a chair, drinking freshly boiled tea with a few teaspoons of sugar. There is everything for a comfortable life: a tub for morning and evening bathing, windows, a deckchair, an improvised workbench and a pair of working lights. The house is made of solid Soviet bricks, which allows you to hear noises from above and below, and the slots in the doors not only provide a neat draft, but also guarantee additional audibility of sound from the outside. The high arrangement of the apartment provides peace and quiet and allows for restful sleep. Try your new abode and share your impressions with us!

Graphics Renderer Changes

We paid close attention to optical effects and light sources. So, in 0.53 you will see the addition of God rays, lens flares, an anamorphic flare (directional bloom) and an effect of lens dirt. We've added SSAO, its implementation turned out to be great for quality, but quite heavy on resources. Therefore, in 0.53, we completely reworked this effect and achieved both good quality and many times better performance. In addition, a new option was added to the graphics settings: dynamic resolution scaling. If you enable this option, the resolution scaling will change in real-time to maintain the specified frame rate, which depends on the frequency of the monitor. We will continue to improve the graphic rendering in Survarium and work on optimization and image quality improvement. As always, we welcome all players to actively help us with this. In particular, improvements to SSAO were made with your help, for which we want to thank you!


The animation component of any shooter is an important aspect, so we have continued to improve the character's animation in the game. In the 0.53 we will add a new jump animation: character movements will become more responsive and natural. Moreover, now the character will be able to fire without an extra step after jumping.

ASVK: fixed animations for quick reloading and recoil.


  • Lighting was remastered on the following locations: Tarakanovsky Fort and Vector Laboratory.
  • In the game, variations of locations of Vostok Radar Station, School and London.
  • Vostok Radar Station: The possibility to climb out of the area in the "Slaughter" mode has been removed.
  • Chemical Plant: redesigned lighting in problematic places.
  • London: a collision has been removed from the hanging wires. Fixed the texture of the Ocelot car glass.
  • Mamayev Kurgan: Improved collection of the artifact "Glow of the Forest".
  • Training Mission: Corrected the wrong textures of bushes.
  • Dangerous Knowledge: The spherical electrical anomaly is now more original in form - a bright sphere and bright light when coming into contact with the anomaly.
  • Rudnya: gameplay lighting changes and improvements done.
  • Vostok Base: location color gamma improved, sun shafts intensity lowered. Bug with the sun casting through the ceiling near military quarters fixed.
  • Tarakanovsky Fort: general visual fixes on the locations made. Black color for one of the doors fixed.
  • Cologne: models lighted beyond the location fixed. Lighting has been additionally improved and fixed, though the work has not been fully completed yet.
  • Dangerous Knowledge co-op mission: woodboards fixed in a particular place to enable guaranteed jumping up. Material texture on the forest mill building corrected.

Weapon Modules

Added the highest level of module quality - modifiers with the maximum positive and minimum (or nonexistent) negative modifiers.

Quality Levels:

  • Factory-made - green
  • Industrial - blue
  • Military - orange
  • Special - gold
  • Mastercraft - purple

Duckbill: modifiers "Horizontal grouping" and "Vertical grouping" are replaced by "Spread across" and "Spread across the vertical.

The modifier "Distance" is returned to the weapon. Players will be credited with 10 spare parts for each level of the character. For example, if your character has reached level 50, then you will get 500 spare parts.

Optical sights: the modifier "Distance" is replaced by "Rocking the sight".

Flash suppressor: The positive modifier is changed to "Unmask radius".

Silencer: the negative modifier "Distance" has been reduced for VSK-94, SR-3M and OTs-14.


  • FAB-Defense MIKI: positive modifier - "First three shots recoil", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • AFG-1: positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Recoil from the hip".
  • FSG2: positive modifier - "Recoil from the hip", negative - "Recoil when aiming",".
  • Troy Modular: positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Aiming time".
  • FAB-Defense PTK: positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • G & P RIS: positive modifier - "First three shots recoil", negative - "Sighting time".
  • PKP standard foregrip: positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Recoil from the hip".
  • SR-3M and SR-3M "Vikhr" handle (SR-3M grip and SR-3M "Vikhr" grip): positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Recoil from the hip".

Laser sights:

  • LMS-UNI: positive modifier - "Dispersion from the hip", negative - "Aiming time".
  • UTG LS268: positive modifier - "Aiming time", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • DBAL-D2: positive modifier - "Aiming time", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • PEQ-15: positive modifier - "Dispersion from the hip", negative - "Aiming time".

Muzzle breaks:

  • "Kochevnik" muzzle brake: positive modifier - "Shot grouping", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • Custom muzzle brake: positive modifier - "Shot grouping", negative - "Slowdown when aiming".
  • Ilgynag k01: the positive modifier is "Shot grouping", the negative modifier is "Slowdown when aiming".
  • Defcon1: changed the positive modifier to "Stopping power".
  • Custom muzzle brake, clamp: changed positive modifier to "Stopping power".


  • VSSK "Vykhlop" long barrel: positive modifier - "Distance", negative - "Bleed chance".
  • Weighted VSSK barrel: positive modifier - "Distance", negative - "Slowdown".
  • Glock 17 barrel with a screw thread: the negative modifier is changed to "Aiming time".


  • KS-23M frame stock: positive modifier - "Slowdown", negative - "Recoil from the hip".
  • KS-23M stock: positive modifier - "Aiming time", negative - "Recoil from the hip".
  • Mauser M.712 stock-holster: positive modifier - "Recoil when aiming", negative - "Aiming time".


  • OTs-14 tactical forend: the negative modifier is changed to "Aiming time".
  • Glock 17 fire mode selector: the negative modifier is changed to "First three shots recoil".
  • VZ.58 optics bracket: the positive modifier is removed, the negative modifier is changed to "Aiming time".

Weapons, Equipment and Supplies

  • RPD: aiming time changed from 0.7 sec to 0.6 sec.
  • RPK-74M: aiming time changed from 0.5 sec to 0.45 sec.
  • FORT-401: aiming time changed from 0.7 sec to 0.6 sec.
  • PKP ‘Pecheneg ”: aiming time changed from 0.75 sec to 0.65 sec.
  • FN Minimi and FN Minimi NY 2017: aiming time changed from 0.6 sec to 0.5 sec.


  • Added filters for modules in inventory - by type of module (handles, optical sights, etc.), by rarity, by Bound/Free
  • Added display for the the maximum value of the resolution scaling for the current resolution.
  • Added visibility settings for the chat (all, allies, squad, nobody).
  • Changed the sound options, added the assignment of PTT keys in sound and control.

Technical changes

  • Optimized video memory usage, fixed crashes caused by incorrect video memory usage.
  • Corrections in Polish and Spanish localizations.


  • Increased stamina consumption when jumping.
  • Fractures of hands has been removed from the game.
  • Slightly increased the range of sound of running in third person.
  • Adapted some textures of walls, objects and cars to the new renderer
  • 3 person's faces adapted to the new renderer
  • Increased bots' perception in the smoke (generated by a smoke grenade)
  • Battery explosion warning sound changed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which the "post-match statistics" screen displayed "defeat" when the match was won.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an icon of death from bleeding to be displayed in the log while killing the "Sponge" artifact.
  • Fixed a bug in which the player's nickname was displayed incorrectly in the league TOP-100.
  • Fixed a bug in which the effect of the modifier "Stopping power" was incorrectly displayed with the standard value on the weapon.
  • Fixed a bug in which when loading the profile special items were not included.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the H&K MP5 to unlock slots for modules when it is purchased.
  • Fixed a bug in which buying Steam weapons (SKS "Arrow Head", AKM "Avenger") were issued the wrong modules.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the loading screen to not appear when loading into the match.
  • Fixed a bug in which visually bugged hands when recoiling with a gun.
  • Fixed a bug in which with the skill "Terminator" (when using it) the number of cartridges in the weapon inventory and in the match did not match.
  • Fixed a bug in which the "Spectator Mode" interface was displayed in the post-match statistics screen.
  • Fixed a bug in which it was impossible to leave the squad after passing the team mission "Dangerous Knowledge".
  • Bug forcing the game client to terminate when losing connection to the game servers fixed.
  • Bug with the mismatching module characteristics and colour (rareness) fixed. Now if you are improving the ‘green’ (default) with the characteristics of a ‘blue’ one, then as a result of improvement you will receive an ‘orange’-coloured module.
  • Bug forcing the players to not respawn in the Slaughter mode on Tarakanovsky Fort map has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when the description of installed module was not removed when opening a window with other modules.
  • Fixed an issue when all game modes were disabled for the player who was kicked from a squad.
  • Fixed an issue when equipment description didn't have bonuses to "Reduced explosion damage" and "Run Speed" if the player had several equipment profiles.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes voice chat does not work after reassigning the keys. Repeat the procedure to correct the error.

Download Survarium 0.53 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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