Survarium Patch 0.55 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Patch 0.55 is live!

Survarium Patch 0.55 with a single level of match-making is now live! Read the complete list of changes or watch the video overview of the Patch in the full version of the news. See you in the game!

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Survarium Patch 0.55 Change List

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Survarium Patch 0.55 Highlights

Technical Changes

  • Daily tasks updated.
  • Treasure hunt updated.
  • The players' supplies are reset.
  • Player profiles are reset.
  • Saved player presets have been deleted due to the new system of supplies.
  • Reward for completing tasks increased.
  • The following settings have been added (section “Control”): “Next collimator reticle”, “Previous collimator reticle”, “Change reticle color”, “Increase reticle brightness”, “Decrease reticle brightness”.
  • Players with a high ELO rating have had it reduced to 2000.

The price for repairs is now untied from the item of equipment or weapons. Also, the price for repairs depends on the level of equipment, for example, if a player has put at least one item of equipment level 5, he will pay for repairs the amount charged at the fifth level of equipment. Prices for repairs:

  • Level 1 - Silver 0
  • Level 2 - 1000 silver
  • Level 3 - 2000 silver
  • 4 level - 5000 silver
  • 5 level - 8000 silver

Weapons, equipment and supplies

  • All weapons across all the tiers have been balanced in line with their class.
  • Armor-piercing returned to the game as an indicator on the weapon. Now the damage inflicted on the enemy depends not only on his armor and the damage of your weapon, but also on armor-piercing.
  • Returned dispersion and dispersion when aiming. For each class of weapon, the dispersion parameters are set individually. So, for example, sniper rifles are absolutely not susceptible to the influence of dispersion in sighting mode, and submachine guns - on the contrary, have a small, but noticeable variation when firing in long bursts.
  • For all weapons in the game, the kill values ​​for opening a slot for a module are revised. Now, at all tiers of equipment, the following values ​​are valid: 100 kills - slot for aims, 250 kills - slot for grips, 500 kills - slot for silencers, muzzle-flashes and more.
  • Added the ability to customize the reticle for collimators - you can change its type, color and brightness. This functionality depends on the level of rarity of the collimator
  • The parameters of stopping power and shooting down were unlinked from each other. The stopping power is set to match the caliber of the weapon. The crash of sight with hits weakened.
  • The recoil on all weapons is reduced and changed to a more convenient one. The recoil graphs and pictures have been saved.
  • Recoil randomization is noticeably reduced.
  • The slowdown parameters have been changed and are now based on the weight and dimensions of the equipment.
  • Ability to get bleeding added to all weapons. Its damage is significantly reduced, and the duration is increased.
  • Painkiller now reduces the effect of stopping power by 25% and reduces bleeding duration by 25%.
  • The Defense Totem now increases health regeneration by 4 hp/s and reduces the chance of bleeding by 25%. The duration is now 30 seconds, the recharge time is 5 seconds.
  • Stationary scanner: reload time is now 10 seconds.
  • RGD-5: damage is now equal to 150.
  • RGO: now the damage is 130.
  • MON-50: now the damage is 200.
  • PMN-3: Now the damage is 225.
  • C-4: Now the damage is 300.
  • The damage modifier on weapons is replaced by the following:
  • For assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and pistols for dispersion
  • For sniper rifles and carbines for sight sway
  • For shotguns for shot grouping
  • The values ​​of the modifier rate of fire on weapons reduced by half.
  • The shortage of muzzle velocity is reduced to real values ​​for all classes of weapons.
  • Added display of the muzzle velocity in a weapon.
  • Reinforced cartridges now give the muzzle velocity +40 m/s, + 80 m/s, + 120 m/s.
  • Reworked all sets of equipment. Now, for the 3 parts of the kit, the player gets an improvement of one minor parameter, the assembly of the full set will give several more significant improvements.

Modifiers on equipment:

  • Masks: 'Energy costs' instead of 'Armor' now. Stamina regeneration' instead of 'Reduced explosion damage' now.
  • Jackets and pants: Added a stop action modifier. The values ​​of the "Energy Costs" and "Energy Recovery" modifiers are halved.
  • Gloves: Time to ready a grenade' instead of 'Reduced explosion damage' modifier now. Faster weapon hiding and grenade taken out.
  • Boots: 'Drop damage' instead of 'Reduced explosion damage' modifier now. The values ​​of the "Energy costs" modifier halved.
  • Backpacks: Reduced the value of "Explosion protection" modifier in half.
  • Replaced modifiers on weapons and equipment are compensated with spare parts.


  • The game introduced a single level of match-making. This means that now players of the first-fifth levels of equipment and weapons will be able to play among themselves. The damage coefficient for the higher level game is cut out of the game. Also, the main parameter when collecting teams is ELO
  • Now all players are divided into 3 categories of players. Players play only in their category, with the exception of a long match search.
  • New pockets system. Now the game has the concept of "Pocket" and "Capacity". The number of pockets determines the number of different supplies and the number of shortcut keys you can use. The maximum number of pockets is 5. Capacity determines how many supplies you can use. Each supply occupies one unit of capacity. The maximum amount of capacity that can be collected is equal to 8. You can collect pockets and capacity on equipment. Also, the supplies are divided into categories: medicines, explosives, devices and more. You can fill the pockets with supplies, you want to fill all the pockets with different medicines - please. But there are restrictions on the maximum number of transportable special weapons per battle, by category: medicines - 8 pieces, explosives - 2 pieces, devices - 4 pieces and more - 1 piece. This was done so that the player could not take with him a large number of strong special means, for example: 4 RGOs.
  • Initial movement speed reduced.
  • The player now has 3 ammo bags at the start.
  • Skill "Terminator" replaced by "Ammunition" - an additional cartridge pouch for ammo.


  • Now you can take two identical artifact.
  • You can not activate two artifact at the same time. You need to wait until the first activated one expires, after that - activate the second artifact.
  • Onyx: active ability - works 4 seconds, + 70% to the resistance from damage.
  • Spring: passive ability - + 4% to speed.
  • Larkspur: active ability - regeneration 25 hp/sec, effect for 4 seconds, gets lost in receiving damage like any first-aid kit.

New lighting on the School location

  • The lighting on the “School” location was redone, in accordance with the new quality standard. See the pictures below to check the changes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the player when looking on the corpse of another player had the silhouette of that body displayed at the time of his respawn.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player at the beginning of the match heard the music of the match end.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the game client stopped working when shooting at a player from a short distance.

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