Survarium Patch 0.55ah is Live. Play Now!

Survarium patch 0.55ah is live! Survarium Patch 0.55ah is now available! Launch Survarium to download and install the patch. Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

Also read the list of changes in Survarium patch 0.55 in case you missed it.

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.55ah


  • Masks "Zombie", "Plague Doctor", "Clown", "Geisha" now also provide a bonus to Halloween currency gain. Only one mask bonus is active at a time.
  • Shturm Set: explosion defense bonus reduced to 7%.
  • Shabby Set: now provides bonuses for 3 and 5 set pieces.
  • Bandit's Set: added "Cossacs" boots. Now provides bonuses for 3 and 5 set pieces.
  • Marauder MKII Set: +10% bonus to explosion defense replaced by -10% bonus to aiming time.


  • SR-2M, SR-2M "Veresk": armor piercing increased to 15.
  • Mosin Carbine, TOZ-122: damage increased to 140.
  • Remington 700, СВ-98: damage increased to 142.
  • ASh-12: rate of fire increased to 550.
  • VSS, VSK-94: armor piercing reduced to 23. Bullet speed increased to 310 m/s.
  • A-545: increased recoil.
  • AKS-74U: reduced barrel sway.
  • AS "Val", OTs-14, 9A-91, SR-3M: bullet speed increased to 295 m/s.
  • MR-27M, MR-27M "Lancaster", MR-27M "Thunderbolt": distance increased to 30 m.


  • Now you can hide event and offer windows in the lobby by pressing a small white triangle in the upper left corner.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when L85A2 assault rifle had an incorrect number of kills displayed (specifically, number of kills required to unlock a slot for optical sights and collimators).
  • Fixed an issue with a missing message about insufficient gold amount when you tried to put a module on a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue when the game UI was missing in a spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing nuts to be thrown too slow in Team Missions.

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