Survarium Patch 0.55ak is Live. Play Now!

Survarium patch 0.55ak is live! Survarium Patch 0.55ak is now available! Launch Survarium to download and install the patch. Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

Also read the list of changes in Survarium patch 0.55 in case you missed it.

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.55ak

Technical Improvements

  • Now you can download the replay of your match. You can do it in the post-match statistics screen or from the match statistics in the lobby.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when the game client crashed if the player tried to change a profile at the beginning of the round, when ending the previous round in an anomaly in the "Search and Destroy" mode.
  • Fixed an issue when replay of a match was not available.

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