Survarium Patch 0.61 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Patch 0.61 is live! Survarium Patch 0.61 with the new Radar Duga Station location, balancing changes, Turkish localization and various bug fixes is now live! See you in the game!

Please find the complete list of changes of the Patch below. Have a good time playing the game!

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.61a

General Changes

  • It's now impossible to install supplies during healing animation.
  • Game client and server now support increased tick rate (exchange network packets more often). To fully test this feature we need a lot of matches with various conditions, thus we cannot test it on the PTS. Because of that we made a decision to test this on public in selected matches and monitor the results (performance and lag foremost). We will share more details on these tests when they are about to happen.
  • Turkish localization is now available.


  • New location introduced into the game: Duga radar station. The following game modes are available on the location: Battery Retrieval, Research, Team Deathmatch.
  • This is the biggest location in the game, so performance may be worse than on the other maps. We plan on optimizing the location, and also make balancing changes (moving bases and key points, for instance) in the future basing on the matches results.
  • Static electric anomaly can be found on Duga radar station. Anomaly effect will be improved in the upcoming updates.
  • In one of the following updates lighting in the tunnel of the Duga location will be improved.
  • School: visual effect of the static anomaly on the third floor is back!
  • Vostok Radar Station: fixed some spots when it was possible to see through objects.
  • London: fixed spots when it was possible to throw the battery away from the location.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when killcam was twitching during short killcams when your character was killed by a bot.
  • Fixed an issue when friends' and clanmates' ranks were not updated in the League menu.

Download Survarium 0.61 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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