Survarium Update 0.26a

We are glad to inform that the update 0.26a was installed on the server.
The public test server has been shut down until the next update.
Thank you all for your help in testing the patch.

If you don't have access to the game yet and want to apply for the Beta, click here.

Version 0.26a


  • Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch (TDM)
  • Added a new mechanic to the leveling of the game character. At the moment only shooting and physical training branches are available
  • Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
  • Added melee kill missions for all factions
  • Added weapon stopping power mechanics. The stopping power depends on type of weapon and ammunition
  • Maximum portable weight increased up to 30kg;speed penalty now begins from 20kg
  • Now when a leg is wounded, the player receives a penalty to movement speed - 10%, with the broken leg - 20%
  • Battery chargers are physical objects now. They react to shots and can be pushed
  • Added physical collision detection between players of different teams

Equipment and weapons:

  • Armor-piercing bonus for 7.32x39 increased to +20%
  • Reduced dispersion for all weapons
  • Prices for equipment upgrade now depends on the level of equipment

Independent traders:

  • Mosin Carbine: armor-piercing increased to 50
  • PPSh, TT-33: armor-piercing increased to 25
  • VSS “Vintorez”, SR3M "Vihr": armor-piercing increased to 30
  • AK-74N: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
  • PP-19-01 "Vityaz": damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
  • After the battle players can find the SOCOM rifle (12 level equipment);


  • OTS-02 "Kiparis", PM: armor-piercing increased to 20
  • TOZ-122, Remington 700: armor-piercing increased to 45

Black market:

  • AKS-74U: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
  • UZI: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
  • Winchester 1894: damage increased to 100, armor-piercing to 40

The Fringe Settlers

  • SCS: armor increased to 40
  • APS: damage reduced to 35, armor increased to 20
  • Vepr, RPK: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
  • UMP-45: damage increased to 55, armor-piercing to 25
  • SV-98: damage reduced to 120, armor-piercing increased to 50, set the sight 1P69 "Hyperon"
  • Set "Keeper": armor is reduced to 70
  • 9A-91, VSK-94: armor-piercing increased to 30
  • added to the Shop: PP-2000 (9 level equipment), automatic ASH-12 (15 level equipment), sniper rifle VSSK (15 level equipment);

The Renaissance Army

  • Fort 17: damage reduced to 35, armor-piercing increased to 20
  • AKM, RPD: armor-piercing increased to 40
  • SR-2M: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 25
  • AK-74M, A-545: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
  • Kit “Hammer-UM2”: armor reduced to 75
  • added to the Shop: AK-12 (15 level equipment) and SVD sniper rifle (12 level equipment);


  • Added a few extra passages/bypasses to Tarakanovsky Fort

user Interface:

  • Most of the elements of interface redesigned
  • In the description of a weapon we've added the display of the speed of transition into the aiming mode
  • Added display of empty containers for artifacts in battle
  • changed the statistics screen at the end of the battle, added more detailed information about obtained experience, reputation, money

bug fixes:

  • Fixed installer, causing the inability to install the game client
  • Fixed a bug that caused spontaneous double shot
  • Performance optimization

See the complete list of changes to v0.26

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