Survarium Update 0.30 Preview

The anniversary Survarium update 0.30 is on its way! This update includes some changes you requested and a few experimental ideas. As usual, you will be able to preview the update on the public test server soon. Meanwhile please learn about some of the most important changes below.

The Last Stand Game Mode

One of the most interesting new features will be an experimental game mode. It's going to be a king of the hill combat mode where weaker fighters are eliminated from the fight as the match progresses. The player with most points wins. An additional twist is that when you kill a player you steal a part of his or her score. Also in this mode the following rules apply:

  • Playing while in a squad is not allowed.
  • The number of awards and the possibility of ransacking a stash for loot depends on your battle performance.

Last Man Standing game mode in Survarium 0.30

Anomalous Skill Tree

Anomalies and artifacts are important elements of gameplay in Survarium. We are pleased to announce that anomalous skill tree is ready and will be released in 0.30 update. These skills focus on reducing damage from anomalies, as well as increasing the efficiency of artifacts. Please note that in order to activate artifacts players will have to learn a special skill from the new skill tree.

Anomalous Skill Tree in Survarium 0.30

New Weapons and Equipment

With update 0.30 all factions in Survarium will get new armor sets or weapons.

Scavengers will rejoice at their heavy reinforcements. They'll get two bull-pup assault rifles: OTs-14 (level 9) and VHS-2 (level 10). The last but not least – the legendary Barrett M82 sniper rifle (level 10).

Black Market receives SCAR-H assault rifle and FN Minimi light machine gun. Both items are available at the 10th level of equipment.

The soldiers of The Renaissance Army will now have two additional armor sets to choose from. Also the will get OZK-UV armor set with upgraded protection against anomalies at level three. Finally, there will be "sniper" armor set designed specifically for mobility. It is available at level 7.

The Fringe Settlers will get Veles armor set available at the 7th level of equipment. This armor set has no distinct pros and cons, so it is suitable for players who prefer to change their playstyle on the go.

New Equipment in Survarium 0.30

New In-game Tutorial

While this change is largely for new players, we hope that experienced fighters will also learn something new about the game. The changes affect not only the tutorial aspects of the game. We have completely reworked the beginning of the game to make immersion in the gameplay smoother, and also to give new players enough information to get started in Survarium.

Character Face Selection

For a long time Survarium characters have been an army of clones! We are pleased to announce that in update 0.30 you will be able to change the face of your character, choosing from one of the options available. This can be done when creating a new character or changing your character's name.

Character Face Selection in Survarium 0.30

These aren't all the changes you will see in Survarium 0.30. Next week we will tell you more about other new features and changes. As usual, you will find a full list of update notes when Public Test Server goes live. Stay tuned for more!

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