Survarium Update 0.31 Preview

Survarium Update 0.31 Preview

Hi everyone! As we previously mentioned, Survarium 0.31 will focus on fixing technical problems and polishing game balance. We have already fixed some of the most pressing issues in the current version with a series of hotfixes, and now we’re focused on releasing the next update as soon as possible.

As always, we will launch the Public Test Server soon, so everyone is welcome to help in testing the update. In the meantime read about the major changes in Survarium 0.31!

Sorry for the screenshots in Russian, we will have a localized version of the game on the PTR.

Bonus for Playing with a Friend

Any game is more fun to play with friends! Especially when you can create a squad and coordinate your actions and use advanced tactics. We wish more players used this opportunity. So we introduce an additional 25% bonus to experience and reputation if you play in a squad with a friend. The bonus is only available if you are in a squad with a player who is your in-game friend. This bonus stacks with similar bonuses from premium account and boosters.

Bonus for playing with a friend in Survarium 0.31

Premium Account Bonus

Many players already use the advantages of premium. At the same time, there are some players who are not able to activate premium for a number of reasons. To reduce the difference in leveling speed between those players, we are introducing 10% bonus to experience, reputation and silver, which will be received by all non-premium players if there is at least one player with a premium account in the battle. The player with a premium account gets 50% bonus as usual.

Bonus for playing with a premium subscriber in Survarium 0.31

Rebalancing Grenades and Mines

One of the most noticeable problems is the balance of grenades and mines. We are not satisfied with the situation when one of the items is so much better, that the other are almost never used. We strive to ensure that each grenade or mine has its own scope and is still relevant regardless of the level of equipment. In Update 0.31 we plan a number of changes to balance the performance of different explosives.

We reduced the explosion radius of RGO grenade and returned the minimum time before detonation. These changes will make the RGO grenade less effective when attacking the enemy from around corners and will remove the possibility of using RGO grenades as kamikaze weapons.

One of the problems of PMN mine is that it triggers randomly. The mine’s sensor area is so small that sometimes characters step right on the mine and it does not explode. Small size of the mine itself doesn’t help either. Sometimes the mine is almost impossible to see. In the update we will slightly increase the model of mine to make it more noticeable, and we will greatly increase the activation zone to guarantee detonation when someone steps on it.

A change is also coming to MON-50. One of the most effective ways to use the mine is to place it around a corner. Unfortunately, the enemy has no chance to detect or to avoid this mine. We would like to complicate the effective use of these mines. For this purpose we have added laser sensors to the model of the mine, which will display the trigger area and will provide an opportunity to detect it if it has been poorly placed.

Updated PMN and MON-50 mines in Survarium 0.31

Protection from Anomalies

Different items (for example, jackets and helmets) with the same value of isolation have different effects on character’s chances to survive in anomalies. In Update 0.31 we introduced several changes designed to make it easier to understand the way isolation works. This will help you to better predict the chances to survive in anomalies.

  • "Isolation" on all items will be renamed to "Protection from anomalies".
  • Overall protection from anomalies will be calculated as a sum of protection values from all equipped items and not an average value (including body parts), as it was before.
  • Protection from anomalies of all equipment and modifiers will be revised to match the new formula for calculating the overall protection level.
  • Maximum protection from anomalies on various items will be different. For instance, protection from anomalies on gloves will be several times lower than on a gas mask.

Changes in Repairing Items

We believe the current system of item repair is unfair. Repair is a great mechanic to balance the game economy. But at the same time the current implementation makes repairing critically damaged items too expensive. Update 0.31 brings the following changes.

  • Critical damage will no longer severely increase repair cost and will not require time for repairs.
  • You will not be able to use repair kits to fix items. Repair kits will be removed from the game.
  • All the existing repair kits will be converted into Stash Maps at the ratio of 2 to 1.

Changing repair costs in Survarium 0.31

New Character Faces and Items

Update 0.31 will introduce four new character faces. This time the developers served as prototypes. We also made a long overdue change and separated items that occupy multiple slots into two different items. Given the possibility of adding modifications, these items did not match the characteristics of their counterparts. The change list: Marauder, UM-2 Hammer, UM-4 Zubr, Pilgrim.

  • Removed elements of the helmet that were protecting the face.
  • Basing on the removed items, new masks were created and are available for purchase in Survarium 0.31.
  • All existing modifiers on the helmets remain unchanged.

New character faces in Survarium 0.31

Soon we will announce the opening date of the Public Test Server. And when it goes live, we will publish a list of changes in Survarium 0.31. Stay tuned!

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