Survarium Update 0.33 Preview

<img align= We are pleased to announce that work on Survarium Update 0.33 is almost complete. Soon you will be able to test the new version on the Public Test Server. In addition to bug fixes we will also implement some long-overdue changes to balance and gameplay.

Change in the Number of Supplies

One major change will be the redesign of slots for supplies. We’ll remove the modifier that increases the size of the pockets. Instead, there will be a system of specialized slots in Survarium. There will be four types of supply slots in equipment items.

  • General slot: This will allow you to equip any type of supplies. The number depends on the particular type. For example, you can take 2 bandages or 2 grenades, but only 1 mine.
  • Medicine slot: This will allow you to take more medicine, but you cannot put other types of supplies in the slot. Medicines are bandages, medkits, painkillers and antitoxin.
  • Grenade slot: This will allow you to take more than one grenade, but you cannot put other types of supplies in the slot. Grenades are the RGD-5, RGO and Smoke grenade.
  • Mines and Traps slot: This will allow you to take more than one mine or trap, but you cannot put other types of supplies in the slot. Mines and Traps are the PMN-3, MON-50 and Hunting trap.

UI screenshot in Survarium 0.33 demonstrating new pockets for supplies

Changes in Items Parameters

Together with the introduction of new supply slots, mechanics we rebalanced on some equipment. Mostly the changes have affected the number of pouches for ammunition, containers for artifacts, as well as the number and type of slots. Some items of equipment have received additional features. We have also added a new random modifier – explosion protection. This modifier can only be obtained on your helmet, bulletproof vest and pants.

We tried to enhance the specialization of equipment depending on the chosen faction. Thus you will not find containers for artifacts in The Renaissance Army items. But if you want to use the artifacts to the max, consider using equipment of The Fringe Settlers. Equipment of Black Market will allow you to use more mines and traps. Using Scavengers armor you can equip a whole heap of medkits.

We have prepared a table with the new item parameters. We will publish it when the update goes live.

Updated Missions

Changes to the missions system are long overdue. Daily quests are a great way to get more experience, money and reputation. Unfortunately, as a character levels up, the efficiency of missions decreases. The mission timer makes it worse because it does not always successfully match your play time. In addition, when changing faction, you often lose the ability to perform any missions for that day.

In Survarium 0.33 we will make the following changes to the daily missions:

  • Remove the timer. There won’t a time limit for daily missions.
  • Missions will not be canceled and reset when changing faction. Reputation received for the jobs will be added to your reputation with the current grouping.
  • After completing a mission with a gold medal, the mission will be automatically replaced with a new one, after a while. If you don't want to wait you can get a new mission for in-game gold.
  • Once a day you can cancel any mission regardless of its progress. Already received rewards will remain with you. If you cancel you will immediately receive a new mission.
  • Missions can still be made easier for Gold.
  • Reputation reward for completing a mission with a gold medal will be increased.
  • If you have maximum reputation with the currently selected faction, then for completing a mission with a gold medal you will receive a significant amount of silver.
  • UI screenshot in Survarium 0.33 demonstrating new daily missions screen

    New Game Events

    In Survarium update 0.33 we will add two new in-game events.

    Infinite Respect – during the event you will get X2 experience and reputation for victory in battle!

    Treasures of the Old World – during the event you will get a better reward for ransacking stashes after a battle.

    The launch dates of these events will be announced later.

    UI screenshot in Survarium 0.33 with Infinite Respect event description

    The Public Test Server launch date will be announced later. Stay tuned!

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