Survarium Update 0.33 is on the PTS!

We're glad to announce that the Public Test Server with Survarium update 0.33 is live! To participate in the test, please download new game version. You can install the PTS version simultaneously with Survarium version 0.32. Please note that the PTS will only be available during work hours on weekdays. Also temporary shutdowns are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered on Survarium website no later than November 24.

The Public Test Server is located in CIS, so players from Americas and Europe will have a higher ping compared to public version of the game. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to login to the PTS if you have registered via Steam due to a different authentication system. You can still play on public server after Survarium 0.33 release!

All testers will receive a million silver and ten thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. All ranks with all Survarium factions will be unlocked so you can buy any weapons and equipment you want. Characters and progress in the main game as of November 24 will be copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way if receiving payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Read the update notes of Survarium 0.33 below. Please note that those are not final. The public server will receive version improved based on the results of the testing! See you on the PTS!

Survarium 0.33 PTS Change Log


  • Changed the way pockets for supplies work. Now there are 4 types of pockets: a universal one and 3 specialized ones: for medicine, traps/mines and grenades. You can put one more item of the corresponding type into a specialized pocket than in a universal one, but you cannot put items of other types in it.
  • Pockets capacity parameter removed from the game.
  • Changed the types and amount of pockets for equipment.
  • Added a new modifier called Explosion Protection. You can get it on body armor, pants and helmets. The maximum value of the modifier on one item is 5%. Also some items have explosion protection as an embedded modifier.
  • Added support for two new game events:
      Infinite Respect – players might get 2X experience and reputation for victory in any mode.
      Treasures of the Old World – players might receive the best possible reward when ransacking stashes.

Missions System Redesign

  • Removed the time limit to finish missions.
  • After completing a mission with a gold medal the mission will be replaced by a new one after some time.
  • You can change one of your missions for free once per 24 hours.
  • When changing a faction, the mission progress is saved. Rewards for not completed stages are changed according to your reputation in the current faction.
  • Premium account increases rewards for missions by 50%.
  • Increased reward for completing missions with a gold medal.
  • If you have reached the maximum reputation level with your current faction you will now receive silver for completing missions with a gold medal.

Equipment and Weapons

  • APS: damage decreased to 22, rate of fire decreased to 600.
  • SVD: recoil increased to 3.4.
  • UMP-45: damage increased to 25.
  • Shotgun damage (when firing shells, no changes to slugs) decreased by 20%.

User Interface

  • Added a brief description of the collected artifacts when you press Tab in battle.
  • Changed notification when a battery is stolen or when it spawns on the map in Battery Retrieval mode.


  • Added simplified models (LOD) of equipment to display at long distances. This will improve the performance of the game.
  • LOD for models of Scavengers equipment: levels 4, 5, 6, 9.
  • LOD for models of Black Market equipment: levels 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.
  • LOD for models of The Fringe Settlers equipment: levels 4, partly 5, 6, 8, 9.
  • LOD for models of The Renaissance Army equipment: levels 4, 5, 7, 9, 10.

Visuals and Animations

  • Updated UZI animations.
  • Updated anomaly animations.
  • Fixed anomalies’ position and position of artifacts in the anomalies.
  • Fixed the visuals of VSS and VSS Vintorez magazines for 20 rounds.
  • Improved lighting in several places of London, Rudnya, Tarakanovsky Fort, Chemical Plant and School locations.

Sound Fixes

  • Reduced the volume of steps when in first and third person. The range of audibility remains the same.
  • Fixed the range of audibility of all submachine guns.
  • Fixed the firing sound of VSS in first person.
  • Fixed the firing sound of A545 in first person.
  • Fixed the firing sound of P90 in first person.
  • Fixed panning of firing sound of SKS and RPD in third person. Now it is positioned correctly.
  • Fixed sound events in some animations of weapons reloading.
  • Added unique sound of grenades falling on a metal surface.
  • Changed the sound of ambient rain to a more suitable one for Rudnya. Added new environment sounds.
  • Fixed positions of environment sound zones. Added ambient sounds for the premises during a sand storm.

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer install the game on drives with FAT32 file system (it was never supported in the first place).
  • Fixed the calculation formula of armor penetration. Now when a bullet doesn’t penetrate the armor, the minimum damage is lower.
  • Fixed trigger areas of PMN-3 and MON-50 mines.
  • Fixed an issue when wounded hands did not give penalty to accuracy.
  • Fixed an issue when a fracture of both hands did not block the use of two-handed weapons.
  • Fixed a desynchronization when watching replays of matches. Because of this, replays from the previous versions of the game are not supported in 0.33.
  • Fixed anomalies’ damage areas.
  • Fixed a bug which displayed incorrect (zero) level of equipment required to perform missions.

Changes in Ban System

Added intermediate account bans. The restrictions are the same as in the case of an ordinary ban, but the player receives a notification of a suspected violation of the rules. A detailed investigation is conducted by the game’s Customer Support for 3-7 days, and after that time a final decision is made. When the player tries to log into the game during the intermediate ban period, he or she receives a corresponding notification.

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