Survarium Update 0.44 Preview

Greetings, survivors! Survarium 0.44 is just around the corner, and we are going to test the update on the PTS soon. Read all about the main features and changes coming in Survarium update 0.44 now!

What can you expect? A new trophy search, C-4 plastic explosives with remote detonator, bots for newcomers and high-tier pistols for the in-game factions!

Bots for Newcomers

One of the most important changes of the upcoming update is introduction of characters controlled by AI. These bots will not be able to challenge the players, since initially AI’s abilities will be limited. But the bots will become ideal sparring partners for the new players, so they can learn the game mechanics in a less stressful environment.

Starting with Survarium 0.44, all newcomers will play their first matches against bots. As the player completes more matches, the bots will be replaced with other players. This way newcomers can better adapt to the game’s increasing difficulty.

Please keep in mind that this is the first iteration of computer-controlled enemies. In the future we will continue improving the AI: the bots will learn to take cover, use special items, pick up and deliver batteries, and purposefully capture and hold key points. All of the above will allow use of the bots both in PvP and other game modes.

Treasure Hunt

One of the ways to acquire new equipment will also be significantly changed. Search for trophies after battles will no longer be available, and there will be a weekly event instead called Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt is a lottery with a high quality item (unique or premium) as the best possible reward and other prizes. The number and quality of the prizes depend on your character’s maximum rank in a faction. For instance, you are able to get a tier 10 item only when you have reached the highest rank in one of the factions.

The cost of each search stays the same: 100 gold (or a stash map), and you will be able to get a few stash maps each week for free! As you get items, the number of available trophies will decrease with each search, and you will get a higher chance to get the main prize. Naturally, you can get it on your first try provided you are lucky enough.

Rewards after battle will be also increased. In addition to bonus experience, silver and reputation the winners will get several spare parts and, with a small chance, a free stash map. The number of stash maps one can get per week for free is limited.

New Pistols

Survarium Update 0.44 will for sure please people who love pistols. The game never used to have them as an effective weapon type on the higher equipment tiers. So in the upcoming update we will finally increase the number of available pistols.

Beretta 93R is a new rare tier 7 pistol. You can obtain in via the Treasure Hunt or buy with gold. Despite its age, the Beretta 93R is still a formidable weapon thanks to a huge magazine with 20 cartridges and automatic fire mode with 3 bullets burst.

CZ-75 is a semi-auto tier 7 pistol with a 16 ammo magazine; available from the Scavengers faction upon reaching Veteran rank. High muzzle energy together with a long sighting line provide both high armor penetration and accuracy. The tradeoff is big weight of the weapon.

Yarygin pistol (MP-443) is a semi-auto tier 7 pistol with 18 ammo magazine. Available from the Renaissance Army upon reaching Captain rank. A high firepower and huge magazine size make MP-443 a dangerous weapon.

Moreover, Colt Python revolver will be changed. The weapon is moved to tier 7 and its stats are adjusted accordingly.

A New Special Item: C-4 Explosive

Survarium Update 0.44 brings a new special item for Black Market fighters. C-4 explosive with a remote detonator is available on equipment tier 8 and takes the whole explosive slot. We hope you will like new tactical opportunities that present themselves with the introduction of this special item.

As always, expect to see other changes to the game, which we will list in the final change log for the update 0.44. Stay tuned for more news and participate in the testing on the PTS to check out the new features and changes in Survarium 0.44!

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