Survarium Update 0.45 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Update 0.45 is live! Survarium Update 0.45 is now live! Please find the complete list of changes of the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.45 on the Public Test Server. The PTS is closed until the next update.

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Survarium Update 0.45 Change List

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Survarium Update 0.45 Highlights

Daily Rewards

Following your multiple requests we are returning the incentive to login to the game more often. You will be receiving special bonuses for daily logins. Every fifth day you will receive extra rewards and on reaching the 15th day – a unique reward.

Daily Quests

To make the in-game quests more varied is yet another long awaited request from the community which we are also happy to satisfy. On top of the traditional missions the game will offer new daily quests which can bring you not only extra silver, experience points and reputation with the faction, but unique rewards too! These quests are simple, yet varied: win a match, play in squad, make x-number of frags with a specific weapon type, play for a specific faction and so on.

New Weapons

We continue expanding the arsenals of factions with new weapons. At the rank of Wachmeister (6th tier) the Black Market will offer a Colt M1911 pistol. This very pistol was recently voted for by the Survarium community and we are glad to fulfil the request of the players. The second new weapon in the game is Glock 17 pistol, which is to broaden the arsenal of the Scavengers.

Technical Improvements

With this update we introduce "pingless" network synchronization. In previous implementations of the network synchronization we continuously reduced the delay of player inputs, but it remained constant for everybody in the match. With 0.45 we make that value an individual one, so you are no longer dependent on the network conditions of other players. Besides, we minimize the response time to change of the network conditions, which will considerably reduce the number of input shifts without increasing the delay parameter much. All that will result in improved comfort of play regardless of the systems' performance and network conditions of other players in the match.

The Complete List of Changes

Daily Rewards

  • Log into the game regularly to gather more bonuses.
  • Every fifth day you will receive extra rewards and on reaching the 15th day – a unique reward.

Daily Quests

  • These quests are updated daily. Daily Quests are separate from missions.
  • Daily Quests are easier than missions, but cannot be further simplified.
  • You will receive a reward for each of the Daily Quests.
  • Complete all 3 Daily Quests and receive an additional reward: a box that contains various items including rare equipment (with a small chance).


  • You can now interrupt reloading by sprinting.
  • Spawn invulnerability time reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.
  • Changed draw and holster times for all weapons. Sniper rifles have the longest time, pistols have the shortest.
  • Every pistol is drawn in 0.4 sec and holstered in 0.5 sec.
  • Batteries left on the ground in Battery Retrieval mode are now displayed on the mini-map so teams do not hide batteries.
  • Batteries are not displayed on the mini-map in the following cases: a battery is on its respawn point, or it is put into the device at a base, or it is carried by a character.


  • Removed spawn points near battery storage in Battery Retrieval mode.
  • Removed spawn points near artifact storage in Artifact Hunt mode.
  • Changed artifact spawn points in Artifact Hunt mode.

Technical Changes

  • Improved network synchronization due to introduction of individual delay for each of the players.
  • Now you are no longer dependent on the network conditions of other players.
  • Read more about the synchronization in the preview.

Equipment and Weapons

  • New pistol – Glock 17. Damage is 24, armor-piercing is 45, rate of fire is 450, weight is 0,9 кг, magazine size is 17. At the moment available only as a rare drop from a box you get when completing all 3 Daily Quests.
  • New pistol – Colt M1911. At the moment available as the Daily Login reward for veteran players on the 15th day.
  • Colt Python: damage increased from 40 to 60.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various UI issues.
  • Fixed all known issues that lead to crashes of the matchmaking servers.
  • Fixed issues when using a mouse with a high poll rate.

Download Survarium 0.45 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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