Survarium Update 0.45 Preview

Hi everybody!

Since the launch of the Survarium 0.44 update we’ve released over 30 hotfixes aimed at boosting the game’s performance and stability. Those changes have largely determined the direction of the next big Survarium 0.45 update, but that’s not all that we’ve been preparing for you. Let’s briefly discuss the key innovations to be introduced with Survarium update 0.45 expected in the coming weeks.

Daily Rewards

Following your multiple requests we are returning the incentive to login to the game more often. With the release of the 0.45 update you will be receiving special bonuses for daily logins. Enter the game regularly to gather more bonuses. Every fifth day you will receive extra rewards and on reaching the 15th day – a unique pistol you cannot receive by any other means.

Daily Quests

To make the in-game quests more varied is yet another long awaited request from the community which we are also happy to satisfy in update 0.45. On top of the traditional missions the game will offer new daily quests which can bring you not only extra silver, experience points and reputation with the faction, but unique rewards too! These quests are simple, yet varied: win a match, play in squad, make x-number of frags with a specific weapon type, play for a specific faction and so on.

Having accomplished daily quests you will receive the possibility to loot a special stash and obtain one of the rewards available, including useful boosters, gear, spare parts for modification, as well as unique weapons!

New Weapons

We continue expanding the arsenals of factions with new weapons. At the rank of Wachmeister (6th tier) the Black Market will offer a Colt M1911 pistol. This very pistol was recently voted for by the Survarium community and we are glad to fulfil the request of the players.

The second new weapon in the game will be the Glock 17 pistol, which is to broaden the arsenal of the Renaissance Army at the Major rank (8th tier).

Technical Improvements

As already mentioned, we’ve been paying major attention to resolving the issues of technical optimization and improving the game’s comfort of play. On top of the improvements available with the recent hotfixes, Survarium update 0.45 will introduce "pingless" network synchronization.

In previous implementations of the network synchronization we continuously reduced the delay of player inputs, but it remained constant for everybody in the match. With 0.45 we will make that value an individual one. Now you are no longer dependent on the network conditions of other players. Besides, we will minimize the response time to change of the network conditions, which will considerably reduce the number of input shifts without increasing the delay parameter much. We will also minimize the time between the input generated and sent thanks to a more precise synchronization of threads on the client and more precise timing on the server. All that will result in improved comfort of play regardless of the systems’ performance and network conditions of other players in the match.

Gameplay Changes

We have also been working on gameplay improvements which have been postponed for too long. First off, this refers to situational imbalance on certain game maps, as well as abuse of various game mechanics.

As the first step, we are going to change the mechanism of the player’s shield at respawn. It is frequent that players under full shield could effortlessly do away with the opponents. Now we will reduce the overall shield time after respawn.

We are also aiming to improve the balance of the play modes. For example, in the Battery Retrieval mode players too often cannot steal the battery from the enemy due to their base being too close to the battery storage device. Another problem is related to the batteries are being thrown into map places impossible to access. Based on your feedback and requests we are going to implement such improvements throughout all the play modes in the nearest updates.

The Holiday Season in Survarium

The Holiday season is about to start. Certainly we cannot stay idle and have been preparing to celebrate the New Year in the world of survivors. Stand by for a special game event, rewards and, of course, the Holiday tree! More details about the event to be shared later.

Drawing a line, let us mention that this preview forms only a part of the changes awaiting you in update 0.45. Keep your eyes peeled for more news and see you in the game!

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